Chat Transcript of Nayanthara

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 10, 2008 07:33 hrs asks hai nayan, h r u? i'm 1 of ur fan? how is ur life? wat about ur next flim
nayanthara says Mynext film is bILLA....Yaradi Nee mOGINI WITH DHANUSH AND SATHYAM WITH VISHAL asks Hi Nayan.. I had wished u on your b'day. Whatz the role that u play in Billa? The pics look damn cool. U look really hot these day. Why dont u do a film with my fav hero Vijay?

nayanthara says Im open to ifiget one ill surely do it asks I want you to do a film of substance. Being a Mallu pl do a film with TV Chandran or Adoor
nayanthara says Will do one in the future

csr_1124 asks bascially from where r u?
nayanthara says I was born in bANGALORE...MY PARENTS LIVE IN KERALA

vichu86 asks Hi diana my sweetheart. I am from ur hometown and is a grt fan of urs. Now i am in Dubai. I wanted to c u in person to tell you that i am proud of you. Keep all Mallus all over teh world proud dear
nayanthara says Thanks...Please see Billa and tell me how liked it

vichu86 asks When are u coming to Dubai next? I will come and meet you even if I lose a days salary. anything for you Nayan
nayanthara says Let you know when i come

vichu86 asks Pl do one more film with Mohanlal Nayan PL PL PL
nayanthara says Will do

krsna.raul asks hi nayantara..! hw ru..? and my best wishes to billa..!
nayanthara says see the film

krsna.raul asks i jz luv'd u in the song. kodombakka area in sivakasi wid vj..! :-)
nayanthara says Thanks

mmurugan_iwaychn asks Hi Nayathara, how are you, what is ur current project in tamil?
nayanthara says Billa, Yaradi Nee Mogini and Satyam

mmurugan_iwaychn asks Hi Nayanthara, i am MURUGAN.M from Chennai, How many tamil movies have you worked so for?
nayanthara says 9 releases in Tamil

thanoj_143 asks Hi good evening madam...Which ur best one tollywood or kollywood....who is your favourite hero in telugu
nayanthara says Telugu, Venkatesh is my favourite Hero...i like both

rsuri007 asks hi nayan how are you ?by ramesh
nayanthara says Im good

sonijacob asks hi nayan first wishing u a very happy b'day. Which is ur next mallu movie ?
nayanthara says None on the anvil

eamjay asks hi, how are you? Hope you are doing fine? What are your future plans other than acting?
nayanthara says As of now i want to concentrate on acting..

senthil8 asks Dear Sister, I am Senthil Kumar from Tuticorin.How are You ? Best Wishes to your all successful Life and God bless you.
nayanthara says Thank u so much

lemon_icetea asks If you weren't an actress what would you be?
nayanthara says A chartered accountant

lemon_icetea asks You were considered lucky for Rajinikanth. How was the experience working with him?
nayanthara says It was great working with him. He is someone i really respect and admire

lemon_icetea asks How many projects do you have lined up next year?
nayanthara says Just one actually.... Satyam

lemon_icetea asks How has acting in movies changed you as a person?
nayanthara says Changed me a lot..It has given me the right kind of exposure to the world...and made me a more mature person

lemon_icetea asks What do you do to relax or unwind from all the stress of work?
nayanthara says I watch movies..

lemon_icetea asks Is your family very supportive of your career?
nayanthara says Of course... If they weren't supportive, I wouldn't have chosen this as a career.

sunny_weather asks Were you a good student in school and college?
nayanthara says Ya...i was a very good student

sunny_weather asks You do a lot of travelling in the course of your job.Do you enjoy travelling?
nayanthara says I love traveling...

nayanthara says Not anytime soon

srams72 asks Hello nyan how are u
nayanthara says Helo,how are you? Im great

jose9774 asks hi how 6 U
nayanthara says I am 6 u?

srams72 asks Why you have more problems in your perosnal life
nayanthara says I dont have any problems in my personal life....

jose9774 asks wht spl 2day
nayanthara says Chatting with me

karthikraj_blore asks hai
nayanthara says Hai...

dhar_73 asks how was ur experience with sivaji (Rajini)
nayanthara says It was great...Is an honour working with him.

suresh_dhool87 asks Hi nayan How r u, all the best to your billa film
nayanthara says Thanks a ton..please go watch the film

shivgalz asks Hi Nayan.. U look very ravishing nowdays? Wats de secret?
nayanthara says I work out, diet and take care of my health and skin.

vimalsubramanian asks hai how are you.i like one of your favourite song oru varthai peesa oru varusam.
nayanthara says Thanks a lot

sunny_weather asks How do you keep fit?
nayanthara says I work out and eat right asks what is your roll in billa?
nayanthara says It's the one done by Priyanka Chopra in Don and SriPriya in Tamil

byju_revu asks hai Nayan, i am huge fan 4 u,i see ur all movie.........ur soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeei think ur smiling very beauty ya i praying u get lot of film................. blessing v,very happy life.....can i call u Chechi
nayanthara says Hey thanks so much... Im realy glad i have fans like you asks what about your future?
nayanthara says I'll continue acting

sunny_weather asks Do you want to act in Bollywood movies?
nayanthara says No.. Im hapy with the South.. and i love it here

sunny_weather asks What was your ambition as a kid?
nayanthara says I wanted to become a pilot...

byju_revu asks smile pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee u looking a angel.........ur frnd
nayanthara says :).. thanks a ton

mungigopal asks u have done a fabulous job in lakshmi and tulasi.u r really looking good in tulasi.what r ur future projects
nayanthara says None in Telugu as of now..we are ust discussing soem projects

karthik71 asks Hi nayan, what u at ur free time. what,s ur hobby
nayanthara says I watch movies

dinesh_kumar_73 asks Hi share something abt u
nayanthara says What do u want to know

harshicomu asks you're looking buetiful how is it possible

harshicomu asks pls once drop into my house. my family members will be happy.
nayanthara says Sure will do, give me your addrress and phone number

vanibalu asks which telugu moovie you likds
nayanthara says I liked Pokkiri in Telugu

srinivas.siemens asks Hi Nayanthara,why not you r doing hindi movies?
nayanthara says Because i don't want to...I amhappy with the south industry

vnp_kaimal asks why are you neglecting malayalam,or is malayalees ignoring you because we mallus are a jealous lot?
nayanthara says I am not neglecting Malayalam... I am just busy with Tamil and Telugu

visagan07 asks Hi Nayan, Epdi irukeenga??
nayanthara says Im good, how are you?

kathirveln asks hi nayanthara what ur secrete of ur beauty
nayanthara says I take care of myself...

visagan07 asks If i come to kerala,will you invite me for lunch at your home?come to my home defenitly when you come to Madurai..
nayanthara says Ill invite you if im in kerala at that time...

nayanthara says It was great working with him...

krsna.raul asks ru there..! nayan..! :-)
nayanthara says Yeah..who do u think is chatting? :)

chi_town_gurl asks Hey I think you looked awsome with a few extra pounds on..Somehow dont like the all slim look. Being a lil chubby is nice. What do you think?
nayanthara says I think being chubby is not nice

adhithasar asks Are u dubbing in your own voice in tamil?
nayanthara says No...

visagan07 asks How do i Share my views about your films and your acting with you?can you give your email id pls??
nayanthara says Yea, pls do can mail me

henry69 asks why u are not seen some time in the film
nayanthara says What do u mean by that?

digitalps asks Hi Nayan, excluding your ownwhich is your all-time favourite tamil movie?
nayanthara says I loved Padayappa

krsna.raul asks ya ofcourse i will watch billa..! and m eagerly awaitin 2 cu pairing up vj soon..! :-)
nayanthara says Thanks..hopefully soon

mmurugan_iwaychn asks Hi Nayanthara, Will you ready work with simbu again?
nayanthara says NO WAY

visagan07 asks Comments on Trisha & Asin??
nayanthara says Trisha is a good friend..she's a really sweet girl..Asin, no comments

lalitha_malla asks Keep your structure as you are now Nayan...Please dont loose any more weight...You look perfect now..
nayanthara says Thanks you so much.. will do

nayanthara says Rajinikanth

ejohnmichael asks Hi Nayan, What is ur native place?
nayanthara says Actually it's Bangalore

manosiva asks hi nayan U r in which city presently ?
nayanthara says Chennai

vinothbitsgoa asks did u dare such a galmorous role in billa??
nayanthara says It was needed for the role...

bl_prasad asks u r very beautiful
nayanthara says thankssssssss....

sesha_dri asks dear Nayan, you look really awesome. what is the secret of you looking pretty many times and older sometimes
nayanthara says Well i hope that was a complement.. thanks

nayanthara says Langakawai

paramasivanteye asks Hi..Good evening..How are you?
nayanthara says Im good how are u

anandsutti asks u are looking good ibn all films i saw ur film ayya yesterday on my trip top madurai to was nice good keep it up.
nayanthara says Thanks a lot...

sudarshanjaideep asks Hi.........nayan hows life going on at the moment?
nayanthara says Its great

nathan_sct asks hi nayan i am going to start a fan club for u in dubai
nayanthara says Thanks a lot

balu0603 asks balu..big fan of you have any to chance with our superstar? wishing you many more happy returns..
nayanthara says I hope to do a film with him soon ....

rafel_mit asks Hi Nayan how is your professional relation with Mohanlal
nayanthara says Very good..

vinothbitsgoa asks Your stills are amazing in will be your role??
nayanthara says Watch Billa and find out..It wont disappoint you

visagan07 asks Why was you replaced by trisha in Kuruvi? when are you going to act with vijay?

veeru.vlsi asks Hi TARA ,Do you have boy friend? wat is your opinion on LOVE
nayanthara says No i dont have one..i dont have any opinion on that

nayanthara says It depends on the character

shwdyu asks Are u Mallu
nayanthara says Yup

krsna.raul asks hw's YDNM.. going on..! i sw de movie in telugu..! it ws 1 of de best movie i hv seen recently..! i hope evn ur flick makes it big..!
nayanthara says Thanks a go watch the movie and let me know how you like it in tamil

murugan_ponmalai asks Hi Where are u right now
nayanthara says On the inetrent, chatting with u ppl

digitalps asks would you like to do a full female-oriented movie and do you have any such character in mind?
nayanthara says wILL DO ONE IN THE FUTURE FOR SURE...

saran773 asks Hai u have a power in ur eyes ,which steals everybdys heart...and i know uwill bcme no.1 in kollywood by seeing ur first film Ayya...
nayanthara says Thanks a ton

shwdyu asks What is your educational qualifications
nayanthara says B.A. English Literature

informania asks informania team wishes u all the best for rest of ur career
nayanthara says Thanks a ton

vnaren86 asks Hai i am venket, hw r u? i see ur latest movie TULASI its nice & ur charater is cute . i am waiting for ur upcoming movie BILLA....What's ur next project in tamil & telugu ?
nayanthara says Tamil its Yaradi Ne Mogini and Satyam....and Telugu nothing as of now...

ashokttp asks wht u r going to target , Tamil or telugu?
nayanthara says Both....

lalitha_malla asks Were you a quiet kid or naughty girl in your childhood days ?
nayanthara says I was a quiet girl durin my childhood...