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Sunday 16 September 2012

Movie Title



Santhosh Sethumadhavan

Star Cast

Shamna Kasim, Hemanth

Debutant director Santhosh Sethumadhavan?s Chattakkari is a remake of the 1974 movie of the same title, directed by his father, well known director K S Sethumadhavan. The film is based on a story by Pamman and things remain almost the same, except that the new one is aiming more at titillation and less emotions.

Julie (Shamna Kasim) is the beautiful daughter of a train driver Morris (Innocent), an Anglo Indian. He and his wife Margaret (Suvarna Mathew) are not so comfortable about the Indian culture and hope to migrate to England some time.

Julie is friendly with Richard (Harikrishnan) but is smitten by the ample charms of her friend Usha?s brother Sasi Warrier (Hemanth), almost instantly. She falls desperately in love with Sasi and their romance takes a different turn with the girl becoming pregnant.

Now, the greatest problem with a remake could be that most of the viewers will be aware about the whole storyline even before the movie starts. This raises the obvious question on why a film needs to be remade, when the DVDs of the original are readily available. Here, the answer could be the market for titillation and that is exactly what the makers of this film are eyeing as well.

Of course, the stories need to have some genuine relevance to be made all over again, right? But sadly here the story doesn?t really fits in with the current times!

In an age when even the mainstream heroines are ready to reveal more than what they conceal, the success of films like these is almost entirely dependent on how creative or sensuous such scenes are. And that is disappointing too!

The visuals by Vinod Ellampilly are good and M Jayachandran?s music is superb. Santhosh Sethumadhavan religiously recreates the old movie and in the process, makes only a limited impact in his debut attempt.

In all fairness, actors like Shamna Kasim and Suvarna Mathew have come up with nice performances, but it is just that the film lacks the zing to match up with the current times. Innocent repeats his usual style and Hemanth hams it up all along.

Accept it, certain stories are not meant to be made again and it will remain good, if left untouched. If you have some doubts, watch both the versions of Chattakkari. That is if you have enough time to spare!

Verdict: Average

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