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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 December 2010

Movie Title



T S Jespal

Star Cast

Bala, Manikkuttan, Arun, Muktha

Director T S Jespal?s Chaverppada surprises the viewers for sure, but sadly, for all the wrong reasons. It is a hotchpotch of some amateurish scenes strewn together with all the clich?s that are traditionally believed to be required for making a masala entertainer. No wonder, the resultant product is so inane that it can barely be called a feature film!

Four daredevil engineering students, in between their stunts with the baddies in the campus and the song ?n? dance exercises with their girlfriends, disrupt the city?s traffic system and even the FM radio signals with the gadgets that they created. The cops nab them but after an inspiring speech by the college principal, they are allowed to go scot-free.

But the students soon fall into the hands of some dreaded terrorists. Heavy duty dialogues, slow motion shots, fights and all that you have seen in such stories (including believe it or faint, an item dance by one of the female terrorists) follow. More action is in store as top commando Vishal Sabhapathi (Bala) appears on the scene to take on the terrorists.

The story may look pretty okay for any action flick, but actually things are quite pathetic on screen. Forget the script, as there seems to have been none, even the way it has been presented gives you a feeling that the makers weren?t much bothered about the quality of the film. Bharani K Dharan?s visuals are okay and the music perhaps suits the mood at best. The less said about the performances, the better.

Chaverppada makes us wonder why films like these are being made, without any passion, homework or commitment. What it finally achieves is to make even those viewers who take the pains of watching films at the theatres, lose interest in the proceedings. Is anyone listening?

Verdict: Avoidable

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