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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 21 November 2009

Movie Title



Viji Thampy

Star Cast

Mukesh, Vineeth, Saranya Mohan, Shilpa Bala

Director Viji Thampy's Chemistry (written as Che-Mystery) has been presented as a spine-chilling thriller or at times, even as a horror movie. But as it turns out, the actual horrifying experience is to sit through this painful misadventure which fails to make any impact on the minds of the viewers!

The story begins when three Plus-One students are found dead inside the classroom of the Mount Academy School. SP Sreekanth (Mukesh) is in charge of the investigation and though he makes his dramatic entries followed by elaborate questioning sessions and so on, he finds out virtually nothing till the end. In fact, the mystery is being solved by the ghost of a dead girl, Gowri (Shilpa Bala). The ghost gets into the body of the cop's niece, Parvathy (Saranya Mohan) to seek vengeance on the miscreants. Vineeth plays Aloshy, the dance teacher at the school.

Though the whole film looks a tad outdated with a rather silly storyline, poor graphics and the usual, clich?d scenes like a manthravadi (yawn! do such people exist still, outside the cinemas?) trying to get the ghost out of the girl's body and predictable dialogues, Chemistry has been packaged into a somewhat okay B-grade entertainer. It may also qualify as a watchable fare when compared to some of the recent releases in Malayalam!

The inspiration from several films like The Exorcist is evident, but director Viji Thampy and scenarist Vinu Kiriyath has in general made a potpourri of some highly forgettable Malayalam films that belongs to this genre, from the past. But what shocks the most is making Jagathy Sreekumar say 'f' instead of 's', just as Shahid Kapoor's character did in the recent Bollywood movie, Kaminey. Now, what do you call this, lack of imagination or sheer, shameless, plagiarism?

Chemistry is mainly about the two girls, Saranya Mohan and Shilpa Bala, but most of the time, they have to look like a ghost! Both have done pretty okay jobs. The rest of the cast that includes Mukesh, Vineeth, Suresh Krishna and Lakshmipriya too have played their roles fairly well. But the comedy sequences involving Jagathy Sreekumar and Harisree Ashokan fails to make any impact.

Sanjeev Sankar's camera is fine but the songs have been included at the wrong places. Worse still, the lyrics of the 'picnic-song' could surprise you with its vanity!

There have been some fantastic thrillers in Malayalam, but this film will not qualify anywhere near them. Even as the end credits start rolling, the viewer fails to understand what exactly its makers were trying to narrate here. Watch this one, but strictly at your own risk please!

Verdict: Avoid

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