Chennai 2 Singapore review: A slapstick fun entertainer

One of those rare Tamil films which has many moments of pure unadulterated humour

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 15 December 2017

Movie Title

Chennai 2 Singapore review: A slapstick fun entertainer


Abbas Akbar

Star Cast

Gokul Anand, Rajesh Balachandran, Anju Kurian

Chennai 2 Singapore is a whacky fun entertainer which stays true to its genre. It is one of those rare Tamil films which has many moments of pure unadulterated humour. Director Abbas Akbar takes his own sweet time to the story but what really works here is that you cannot point out a single scene which is out of the genre.

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Harish (Gokul Anand) is a struggling youngster, who wants to become a filmmaker. Harish’s mom says that the producer whom Harish trusts has another face and not to take him seriously. Soon, as predicted by his mom, Harish finds out that the producer was taking him for granted and is going to make the film with another director. Harish beats up everyone in the production house and is depressed when his friend asks him to go to Singapore to convince a producer who is there. Now the story shifts to Singapore

Harish lands in Singapore but once again bad luck strikes in the form of an accident, as the rich businessman who was supposed to produce Harish's project goes into a coma and the young man loses his passport. Harish meets cameraman Vaanambadi (Rajesh Balachandiran), who takes him to a hotelier Michael Chris Muruganantham (Shiv Kesav). Harish gets two weeks time to write a love script. A confused Harish meets a cancer patient Roshini (Anju Kurian) and decides to follow her to know more about her. Will Harish complete his first film and fall in love?

On the downside, there are a few drop-dead dull sequences which might not evoke laughter but the overall attempt is honest. The film’s extended climax doesn’t feel merely convenient, but also wholly underwhelming.

Gokul fits the bill perfectly as a struggling assistant director. His mannerisms and dialogue delivery reminds you of Vikram. He is charming and is promising. Rajesh Balachandiran who comes as the eccentric guy is a superb find, though its difficult to follow some of his lines. Anju Kurian looks like Nazriya Nazim and the two comedy villains, Shiv Keshav and Emcee Jesz too have done a commendable job.

Chennai 2 Singapore
has the look of a grand Bollywood film. Karthik Nallamuthu’s cinematography is brilliant, his lens has captured all the important unexplored places of Singapore and the visuals are splendid. For the first time this year(Magalir Mattum, Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, Maayavan, Aramm and now, Chennai 2 Singapore), Ghibran has scored sixer in both songs and background score, it’s been a dream year for him. Songs are all shot extremely well in 'music video' style.

This film will definitely satisfy its target audiences.

Chennai 2 Singapore review:Verdict: A Whacky fun entertainer

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anto‏ @verbulance

#Chennai2Singapore amazing experience... Was a laughing riot...

Kishen das‏ @kishen_das
Had fun watching #Chennai2Singapore. After the speech from the team in the end, I wish them the best for all the effort they put in. Love for cinema should never go unnoticed.

Rajasekar‏ @sekartweets
#Chennai2Singapore - A whacky film stays true to its genre. No compromise from the director and the entire crew. Grand production values and slick visuals. For the fourth time, have to say this @GhibranOfficial in top form

Yoshva‏ @yoshva2
Worth to watch #Chennai2Singapore
Hats off director #abassakbar
Confirmly will go for 2nd time...

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth
#Chennai2Singapore - Bold and genuine attempt from the team. Youth are going to have a fun time watching the movie ! Best wishes to the whole team, may your 3 year hard work win !

MΛŔҠ BONΛFIDE‏ @markbonafide
Haven’t watched an Indian film in a long time but @Chennai2SG was exactly what I needed. Never a dull moment. Congrats Bros @AbbasAkbar @GhibranOfficial @ShabirMusic thanks for having me at the premier #Chennai2Singapore go watch it!!

Don Ashok‏ @thedonashok
Watched #Chennai2Singapore preview. Its a must watch RomCom. Enjoyed it thoroughly. You won't be disappointed. Watch it in theatres near you. :)

MoorthyOfficiàl_SKFC‏ @moorthyofficial
Watched Chennai 2 Singapore Loved pre-show, such a entertainment fulfilled movie, gud work team #Chennai2Singapore, fully satisfied

vimal_007‏ @vimalanaathan
What a film #Chennai2Singapore!!! Full of fun Overloaded.
Best ever day with lots of suprise.
@A_G_Amid @GhibranOfficial #abbasakbar. Michelle character semma.

VeL MurugaN M‏ @Maduraiyanvel
#chennai2singapore First Time Premier Show Madurai Sema Movie Comedy Ultimate Diractor @AbbasAkbar Anna Super Screen play @GhibranOfficial Music Vera Level All People Going To Theatre Support The Movie

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