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Sunday 17 July 2005

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Arjun, Sneha, Mansoor Ali Khan

What do you normally expect in a Sundar.C movie? Action, comedy, hot item numbers, barely clad heroines, and racy narration are his forte. But unfortunately, Chinna lacks some of these elements notably comedy as the director tries to make a morbid drama of an obsessive lover that moves at lethargic pace.

Chinna is a bitter pill to digest. The film starts with Gaythri (Sneha) getting married to an engineer (Vikramaditya) of an irrigation project. It is obvious that she does not like the marriage as she has a past which is revealed in a flashback.

Gayathri is a marine student who goes to Rameswaram to visit her uncle (Vinu Chakravarthy), and also do a research on the coast. Rameswaram?s chief rowdy is an orphan Chinna (Arjun) who along with his assistants Mansoor Ali Khan and Ponnabalam works for a big `dada`.

Gayathri is shocked by Chinna?s ruthless lifestyle and wants to report him to the local SP (Vijayakumar) but is disuaded by her uncle. When Gaythri goes on a research to the coast it is Chinna who takes her in his boat and she realizes that he is actually a nice guy. She decides to reform him with love and affection but slowly they fall in love.

Trying to save Gayathri from the big ?dada?, Chinna kills him and goes to jail for four years. But Gayathri?s parents forcibly get her married off. Later when Chinna comes out of jail he starts stalking her which leads to the twist in the story.

In the first half Sundar.C employs all cinematic clich?s like, a hot item number from Kiran, comedy scenes of Mansoor Ali Khan, as the director seems to be influenced by Ajit?s Amarkalam which also tells a similar story of a well-educated girl falling in love with a two-bit orphan and rowdy. There is no plausible reason why a marine student like Gayathri should fall for Chinna?

In the second half Chinna walks around like an obsessive lover muttering ?Gayathri? like Kamal did in Guna. How did this transformation take place? Arjun looks wooden especially when he breaks down in the boat and confesses his love for Gayathri. Sneha looks beautiful but is uncomfortable in songs with Arjun. Mansoor Ali Khan is a revelation and D.Imman?s music plays to the galleries.

The problem with Chinna is that Sundar C has deviated from his usual formula to make this films with half baked characters. So how about getting back to the old tried and tested formula Mr Sundar.C?

Verdict: Disappointing

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