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Tuesday 11 September 2001

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Prashanth, Jaya Ray, Suhasini, Livingston

By Moviebiz

The latest trend in Tamil film is to make campus based themes like Piriyathe Varam Vendum and the all time favourite Minnale. A youthful leading pair wearing designer clothes, plastic sets, songs shot abroad including some fast numbers and you have a possible ?hit? in the making. Movie Magic?s Chocklet falls in that category. The film tantalises in the beginning only to loose its fizz halfway through. The producer Madhesh who has written the story and director Venkatesh have made Chocklet sticky.

Actually, just when you are beginning to marvel at the swift-?n?-stylish opening scenes in the college campus, suddenly you realize the plot line is very thin. Aravind (Prashanth) stays in the college hostel, he is in love with Anju (Jaya Ray) after the mandatory songs. Suhasini the college dance teacher is Jaya Ray? mom, who is sort of separated from her husband Livingston, the assistant police commissioner. Prashanth and Livingston are `great friends` but our hero does not know his daughter is Jaya Ray!

The mission of Prashanth is to bring Livingston and Suhasini together, who have fallen out over some `ego` problems. Meanwhile at the annual college day celebration when lights go out somebody misbehaves with Mumtaz who is a friend of Jaya Ray. The heroine falls out with the hero over this issue, as she suspects his hands behind this incident. Now with nothing better to do, Prashanth becomes `wedding planner` for Livingston and Suhasini?s, daughter without realizing that she is Jaya Ray. He finds a groom for his good friends daughter. `Jeepers Creepers` finally he comes to know it is Jaya Ray, but Suhasini plays dirty, when she gives him sleeping pills and later he meets with an accident! Next: Suffice to say simplicity is forsaken for the most contrived and idiotic ending seen in recent times.

Ultimately your heart goes straight out to Prashanth who despite the odds, comes up with a decent performance. But could he select his scripts with far more care, please? The highlight of the film is oomph girl Mumtaz who comes in a double role as a street dancer and a college student. It is a pure lust appearance with saucy aplomb by Mumtaz. Jaya Ray should take classes in acting before doing her next film. The comedy track of Charly, Vyapuri the 40 plus actors masquerading as students is nauseating. Deva rehashes his old numbers.

This Chocklet cannot be relished.

Verdict: Avoidable

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