Chola review: Be ready to be shaken up

Chola review: Be ready to be shaken up

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Movie Title

Chola review: Be ready to be shaken up


Sanal Kumar Sasidharan

Star Cast

Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan, Akhil Viswanath

Award winning director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s Chola is a complex tale of human emotions, shown in a rather raw manner. 

The story begins with a grandma narrating a fable, which is smartly linked to the narrative. 

An unkempt youth, played by Akhil Viswanath, decides to go for a trip to the city with his girlfriend, a young girl named Janaki (Nimisha Sajayan) in school uniform. They hail from a sleepy high range area. She has come for the trip without her mother knowing about it and on seeing a third man, who is driving the jeep, she is hesitant to go.

But her lover gives her courage, saying the driver is actually his Ashaan or a guru, whom he trusts a lot. 

The aerial shot of the road through which the jeep goes during their journey is perhaps symbolic of how menacing the way ahead is for each of them. Janaki tries to avoid ‘Ashaan’ and after the initial issues, she is having a good time with her lover.

But things go wrong as their journey back home is delayed. By then they realize that her family is aware that she has gone with the boy. She is scared but things slowly start going out of her hand. Certain unprecedented turnarounds follow, which could perhaps be shocking for the viewers.

Now, it is the prerogative of the writer and director of a movie to decide the narrative pattern and content. But the way the story develops here, is in a highly upsetting manner and without revealing more, all we would say is that this one is a messy version of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ condition and impact of it here would definitely raise some doubts.

Though you can differ with the merits of the content here, there are no two ways that the three actors have performed their parts with total dedication.

Chola is a highly disturbing movie, moulded in the style followed by certain well-known directors like Kim Ki Duk for instance. Be ready to be shaken up, while buying the ticket for this one.

Chola review: A disturbing tale

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