Choose the right rug

Source : IANS
Author : IANS
Last Updated: Thu, Oct 3rd, 2019, 17:46:11hrs

1. Living room:

For a formal living room, the ideal choice would be a hand-knotted carpet. The yarn type can vary from wool, bamboo silk to pure mulberry silk depending on your budget and your preference for textures. A blend of wool with bamboo silk or pure mulberry silk is ideally suggested so one can get the feel of different textures.

For an informal living room, use something more casual like a handwoven durrie in cotton or light wool. Fun colours and high low textures add to the drama that is required in a family room.

2. Bedroom:

For your bedroom and walk-in closet, use a plush hand-tufted rug with a high pile height and a soft yarn like bamboo silk.

3. Children's rooms:

For kids bedrooms and playrooms, use only handwoven and eco-friendly rugs in light cotton. These are easy to clean and maintain. Light cotton rugs do not contain harmful dyes or fleecing, making them ideal for kids.

4. Library/study:

To give your study a rather formal look, a good idea would be to use a leather rug or a handwoven rug with leather inputs. You can also use a handwoven rug in jute to give it more texture.

5. Lobby area:

A sturdy hand-knotted rug in 100 per cent wool can not only keep up with the footfall but is also easy to clean and maintain.