Chuttalabbayi Review: Formulaic movie with some laughs here and there

Chuttalabbayi Review: Formulaic movie with some laughs here and there

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 19 August 2016

Movie Title

Chuttalabbayi Review: Formulaic movie with some laughs here and there



Star Cast

Aadi, Namitha Pramod, Sai Kumar, Abhimanyu Singh, John Kokken, Prudhvi, Shakalaka Shankar, Posani, Raghubabu, Annapurna, Chammak Chandra

Babjee (Aadi) gets acquainted with Kavya (Namitha Pramod) at a Mee Seva center. Babjee's some random meet with her gives a wrong impression to her brother (Abhimanyu Singh). Under the impression that Babjee is trying to propose to Kavya, her brother sends his police officers to ward him off. On the other hand, Kavya runs away from her brother's house and accidentally is seen as eloping with Babjee. As the police officers are after them, both Babjee and Kavya, who have now become friends, take a train journey and that leads to them to many surprises.

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At first Veerabhadram's Chuttalabbayi gives an impression that it is running on tracks of Rohith Shetty's Chennai Express as most of the first half of the movie has similarities to the Bollywood blockbuster. But this isn't copy or a remake of Chennai Express, but a time-tested formula story laced with comedy episodes. Veerabhadram who has made comedies like Aha Na Pellanta and Poolarangadu has come up with quite a predictable story and screenplay. We can guess what happens in the next scene right from the beginning.

Though the comedy lacks any freshness, the episodes involving Prudhvi bring out some laughs. He makes us forget about the proceedings and enjoy his act. In fact, the first half of the movie despite the regular stuff offers some entertainment. It is the second half that has completely gone haywire. The only redeeming factors post interval are Ali's comedy episode and Raghu Babu's lines. The climax is handled poorly.

Director Veerabhadram's strength is comedy but he seems to have tried to satisfy all section of audiences as he has included unnecessary action episodes and a weak villain. He has given up on the second half. And the characters have no depth.

Aadi has looked good in this film compared to his recent outings and he has acted confidently. Namitha Pramod lacks glamour appeal but her acting skills are okay. Saikumar's role is quite boring.

In the beginning of the movie, we get an impression that Abhimanyu Singh and John Kokken would play major role as antagonists but their roles turn out to be bad. Of the comedians, Prudhvi and Ali have shined. Music by Thaman is good. The dialogues are not that effective. Cinematography and production values are decent.

Chuttalabbayi offers some laughs in the first half with Prudhvi episode but the overall movie lacks entertainment. It reeks predictability and lacks seriousness. Quite formulaic movie with some laughs here and there.

Chuttalabbayi review: 2.5 stars

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