CIA: Comrade in America review: Let down by sloppy writing

CIA: Comrade in America review: Let down by sloppy writing

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 May 2017

Movie Title

CIA: Comrade in America review: Let down by sloppy writing


Amal Neerad

Star Cast

Dulquer Salmaan, Karthika Murali, Chandni Sreedharan

It seems ‘Comrades’ have become the most selling brand in Malayalam cinema, of late, considering the number of films during recent times with them as heroes. In director Amal Neerad’s CIA: Comrade in America, Dulquer plays a firebrand communist from Pala.

Aji Mathews (Dulquer Salmaan) is a student leader, who is totally committed to the Communist ideology. But the irony is that he comes from a “bourgeoisie” household. Moreover, his father Mathews (Siddique) is the most trusted lieutenant of the State Finance Minister Kora, who belongs to the rival front and is facing serious allegations.

The situation is quite interesting and Kora sir’s character is strikingly similar to a prominent political leader from Kerala. There are many references to real life incidents and you cannot miss the humour in such situations.

But the story takes an abrupt turn as the focus shifts to Aji’s romance with Sara Mary Kurian (Karthika Murali), who has come from the United States to study here. The girl falls for the hero pretty easily and following a fight that he has with some goons at a bus stand, she heads back to the US. Aji has to follow her, but he is unable to procure a visa to the US.

The rest of the story tells you what he does to meet his girl in US.

In all fairness, there are good moments done in his signature style by Amal Neerad. The slow motions and close ups are all there but the story never really goes beyond the superficial level. Even the romance for which the hero takes so much pain, barely affects the viewers and the troubles during the journey becomes predictable and boring at times.

Amal Neerad, in spite of a rather ordinary script makes up with his making style, supported by top notch visuals and brilliant music.

The story is totally focused on Dulquer Salmaan’s character and the actor performs his role with total dedication. He is convincing as the hot blooded Leftist and also as a lover boy. Both the heroines- Karthika Murali (is disappointing) and Chandni Sreedharan (nothing much to do), and both have limited roles to play.

Siddique is good as the doting father, while Dileesh Pothen and Soubin Shahir scores well with their comic timing.

On the whole, It’s another interesting idea packaged competently but is weighed down by an inconsistent screenplay and lazy writing. If you are a fan of Dulquer, you will have something to cheer about.

CIA: Comrade in America review- Verdict:Tedious watch

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