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Cinema Company


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 July 2012

Movie Title

Cinema Company



Star Cast

Basil, Sanjeev, Sruthi and Badri

How many times have we seen a group of dreamy eyed youngsters coming together to make a film? If you have a liking for such stories, here is a rather meek film to add to the list, titled Cinema Company, presented by Mamas.

The film has quite a few fresh faces in the main cast. Panicker (Sanjeev), Paulachan (Basil), Fazal (Badri) and Paru (Sruthi) have been really close friends for a while now. They spend their time doing nothing much in life but a casual comment from a friend makes them decide to make a film.

Fazal writes the script, Panicker is the director, Paru scores the music and Paulachan gets ready to play the hero. But things are not happening the way they would have liked and they go separate ways.

Okay, Cinema Company has a decent story to tell but the problem is that there is nothing new to offer here. The situations are mostly predictable and things become increasingly boring especially in the second half.

The film has good visuals by Jibu Jacob and though Alphons come up with an okay background score, the ?Thick Rap? that is being played while the end titles start rolling is plain irritating.

Also, the potshots aimed at a young hero in Malayalam are particularly offensive and silly. Why should the viewers waste their time to watch sequences like these, which have evidently been included to settle the personal issues of someone associated with this film?

Mamas, who started off his career as a director with a lowbrow comedy called Pappi Appacha that became a hit, disappoints this time. The script lacks imagination and the scenes look jaded and clich?d.

Among the newcomers, only Basil shows some promise but his diction is not really up to the mark. Let?s say, they are good when the situations are good. The rest of the cast including Lalu Alex, Krishna and T P Madhavan has nothing much to do and sleepwalks through their roles. Baburaj is there for just two scenes or so and repeats his usual tricks in a fine way.

All said and done, Cinema Company can be an okay fare at best, if you don?t expect much.

Verdict: Average

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