Coffee with my wife

Coffee with my wife



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 25 November 2013

Movie Title

Coffee with my wife



Star Cast

Anish Tejeshwar, Sindhu Lokanath, Kumuda, Rani

The movie?s title Coffee with my wife screams cuteness, love and romance, but the movie is disappointing. All the curiosity that had been built up from its name to cute posters goes kaput the instant you walk into the theatre.

Sindhu (Sindhu) and Charan (Anish) play a young couple who get married quickly without understanding each other and obviously like any other typical story a slew of misunderstandings and goof ups follow. Though the lead pair look good together, their overboard and non-ending romance kills the mood of the audience. To be honest it?s the coffee that?s the main protagonist of the movie, for it?s the coffee that sends Sindhu running to her maiden home and locks herself in a room.

Charan remains unaware of all the high voltage drama happening back at the home. A cop, who is a relative of the family, is brought in to sort out the misunderstandings between the couple. This brings all the TV channels to focus their telecast on these two and manage to blow it unimaginable proportions.

Sindhu delivers a pretty performance; Anish?s dancing talent is impressive. Kumuda shines in the role of a friend. Richard Louis?s gags comedy doesn?t evoke a single laughter from the audience. Choreographer turned director Vidya sagar fails to deliver a good movie. Rani?s acting is the only one to watch out for.

Vishweshwar?s camerawork is commendable, while Mantra Anand?s music is average. Madan who is well known in the Telugu industry fails to conceptualize a good screenplay. All in all a mediocre film which fails to hold the audience?s interest. It would be better to have a cup of coffee at the comfort of your home than watching Coffee With My Wife.

Verdict: Below Average

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