College Days

College Days


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 22 November 2010

Movie Title

College Days


G N Krishnakumar

Star Cast

Indrajith, Biju Menon, Sandhya, Dhanya Mary

You may like director G N Krishnakumar?s College Days or not, but the inherent sincerity that it has, cannot be denied. Of course, the film suffers from a rather ordinary storyline and script, but the nice visuals, music and performances need to be appreciated.

Athira (Bhama), a first year medical student, is killed by a notorious gang of three boys and two girls in a medical college. But the wrongdoers are left scot free after a few, including the Principal of the college played by Jagathy Sreekumar, testify in support of them. Sometime later, a new student named Rohit Menon (Indrajith) joins the college as a house-surgeon.

He take on the gang on the first day itself and all their efforts to retaliate go in vain. The baddies, led by the powerful Home Minister?s son, decides to take revenge on Rohit at a plush hotel, but things go horribly wrong for them. Rohit is killed and the investigation done by Commissioner Sudheep Hariharan (Biju Menon) unveils some startling facts.

Well, the storyline lacks much novelty but the way it has been executed pep things up. At around two hours and forty five minutes, the film seems like a never ending saga and this could be one of the major let downs here. In the absence of a solid script to bank on, the film struggles to a great extent. However camera by Sujith Vasudev and music by Ronnie Raphael are among the highlights.

Indrajith looks handsome and tough, which suits his character perfectly well. Biju Menon does the role of the brilliant cop quite efficiently. Sandhya and Dhanya Mary do an impressive job as part of the ?wicked gang?. The rest of the cast too have done their job in a fine way.

College Days could be a classic case of not using the resources well. One gets the feeling that if it was approached with more passion and discipline, it could have been a nicer movie. Still, it won?t be surprising if many find it better when compared to some of those celebrated movies that have come out during recent times.

Verdict: Average

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