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Last Updated: Mon, Oct 18th, 2004, 18:15:41hrs
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Selvaraghavan changed the placid world of Tamil cinema with Kathal Kondein, a path breaking film which made a star out of Dhanush, his brother. The core strength of the film was its story and Selva believes that the script is bigger than any star.

Now leading producer A.M.Ratnam has given him a free hand with 7-G Rainbow Colony which also happens to be the launch pad of his son Ravi Krishna.

amarngm asks how do u select a story line like 7g rainbow colony? simply superb

Selvaraghavan says i did not was a true story

saravanasekar asks How can you take such movies?off-beat ones.what happened to your release in the first day,the film got released only in the eveining y?
Selvaraghavan says we had some problems.we are very sorry.and thanks for your compliment

subhendrabehera asks to whom do you attribute your sucess
Selvaraghavan says to you.who made me what i am today

subhendrabehera asks What are you new films in store
Selvaraghavan says with dhanush.then kadhal kondaen in hindi.

jaguars_surya asks what is your next film
Selvaraghavan says oru naal oru kanavu with dhanush

subhendrabehera asks Where do you stand as an director
Selvaraghavan says i still dont see myself as a director.trying to be one

akash_shobha asks hi am prakash here how u?

Selvaraghavan says feeling good man,how are you?

iluelu asks thisis abey frm coimbatore. I like the movie very much.
Selvaraghavan says thanks,could you tell me where the faults are

qctest asks hi selva, how is ur brother Dhanush? how is the relationship btween u and ur brother?
Selvaraghavan says he is fine.and we still live like brothers

saketram2110 asks selvaraagavan, i just saw ur 7/g really gives u a heavy feeling when u go out of the theatre ...why do u use such strategies to give a hit..why not crime,comedy??
Selvaraghavan says i wanted to narrate a real story .and true incidents always make you feel heavy

manichemi asks Who is your favorite actor
Selvaraghavan says robert de niro

rahuljeevan11 asks hello , will you work with MD'S like A.R.RAHMAN or harris jayaraj in the future????????
Selvaraghavan says i believe there is no need for that.for me yuvan is the best

Selvaraghavan says imagine it happened to me really.

mosesalph asks hi your 7G is fentastic. Is there any idea to do film with Vijay?
Selvaraghavan says not in the near future

thangaseth asks hi how r u this is sethu from new zealand i appreciate your unique ideas and revolutionary methods really wonderful
Selvaraghavan says i was there last month.whrer are you from in newzealand?

rkarthik_fuzzy asks selva, the film is like a musical towards the end.. please work with yuvan in future movies too..the combination is terrific.. i immensly liked the scene in which sonia proposes to the hero..what r the initial box office reports abt the film?
Selvaraghavan says 100% all over.

ragul-raja asks hai sir i seen tour 7G rainbow colony in this film you prove with new face ravi this is a very good film sir if kamal ask u take a film at that same time super star ask you take a film who is your choice.
Selvaraghavan says kamal hassan ofcourse

thangaseth asks i am sure you must have tried something technically unique in this movie plz share with us some insights on the technical highs in the movie
Selvaraghavan says you see the film and tell me

bal_see_gan asks Do u fully agree that Kollywood is fully dominated by the so called Heros and not by Directors who are the base
Selvaraghavan says producers

rock_sun_77 asks nice movie relly made all the people experience your feelings. how do you that?
Selvaraghavan says i dont hide anything.and people like that

nirmani_godiya asks Hello , i fell this moment very unexplain but i need to meet you!
Selvaraghavan says we can meet anytime after three days.just call my is 04428151468

sonymontana asks hello selava sir ! i'm from france, near paris. i've seen 7g yesterday here in theater... i likde it very much
Selvaraghavan says thanks a lot .i am releived now.

shanmuharajan asks Can u pls compare ur last movie hero and 'rainbow' hero
Selvaraghavan says i see them as new comers that is all.

thangaseth asks if you had to chose writing a novel or making a movie on some imaginative incident what will u choose
Selvaraghavan says writing a novel.i love writing

rkarthik_fuzzy asks one thing, i noticed abt the film...not a strong storyline like kadhal konden..but as a director u have matured...gr8 work.. we think that a trend has evolved for u and yuvan.. whats ur next film..who is the hero and who is the music director..ofcourse wh
Selvaraghavan says oru naal oru kanavu,with is yuvan.

asks is that danush who is the dubbing voice of jyothi krishnan?
Selvaraghavan says it is ravikrishna's voice.

sureshmechnit asks hai, selva. I liked the film very much. The most i liked is completeness in the characterisaion of Kathir and Anitha. And also the father, son relationship has never been portrayed as realistic as in this movie. Yuvan has done a great job in BGM. Overall
Selvaraghavan says it is a great feeling when people feel the essence 0f the film,thanks a gives us a lot of courage

ragul-raja asks hi u have a idea to take a action films u put who the hero to that film
Selvaraghavan says dhanush,only he can fly

isawiconquered asks Hi Selva,I was ur classmate in Ist year MGR..Sathish (Gana)..Remember Me..Nyway Jus wanna Wish U Very Best.
Selvaraghavan says nice to meet has been quite a long time.thanks.we will meet later

shanmuharajan asks If Director Manirathnam / Shankar invites u t act as Hero?
Selvaraghavan says i will accept

Selvaraghavan says i learnt movie making by seeing films.and i will try to make you like my scripts also

sureshmechnit asks Can you tell us the premise of your next movie Oru Naal Oru Kanavu .
Selvaraghavan says it is a mad film about mad people by a mad director

nicky888 asks i want to join as a assistant director what s your idea
Selvaraghavan says think about it before you try.there is a jungle out there

rkarthik_fuzzy asks selva, dont waste a year in hindi..we dont u want to leave tamil..this is ur fort and rule this like a king....
Selvaraghavan says i will never leave.this is just a vacation

jmanikandan03 asks did u study the direction from your father or FILM INSTIUTE. i saw all yr films in theatre. 7/G is diwali treat to the story lovers
Selvaraghavan says i learnt by seeing happy hearing that

vasa0001 asks Hi Selva!In KK, you made the audience feel sympathy for the character of a murderer (played brilliantly by your brother). How did you conceive such a brilliant characterization? Well done man! You're a genius!
Selvaraghavan says because we can all relate to him.and thanks for the compliments

Selvaraghavan says come and meet me.

sifysaravana asks I would like to join as your Assitant.What do you expect from me ?
Selvaraghavan says you should be crazy

rkarthik_fuzzy asks meanwhile my friends said after watching the film that even though the debuting hero has done a gr8 performance, dhanush would have been a better choice.any comments
Selvaraghavan says i think so

sanjaybasali asks What inspired you to direct Kaadal Kondein ?
Selvaraghavan says nothing

sonymontana asks ravikrishna's voice sound like your brother's one...but we enjoyed the portrayal of kathir : it was the right choice. ravikrishna had done a good job in it... has he got already any offers to act?
Selvaraghavan says he is got three films already

jmanikandan03 asks KADHAL KONDEIN IN HINDI SUPERB IDEA Who is the hero and heroine?
Selvaraghavan says all newcomers

thangaseth asks you have been a writer and i am sure that would have helped you into direction when making the hindi movies do you think you can translate emotions into a language you can write novels on
Selvaraghavan says i am already is gonna be very tough

malliki asks hi,iam srini from bangalore how r u?
Selvaraghavan says i am fine srini,h r u

rkarthik_fuzzy asks selva,the scene in which the heroine says that have a coffee and leaves the hero and walks back is gr8..that too the scene has walking thru the rainbow theme song for it.double gr8.. keep going....
Selvaraghavan says thanks man.will remember this for a long time

iwayraghupathy asks how do u feel the reslts?
Selvaraghavan says happy,flying

sureshmechnit asks As i said Yuvan's BGM is great. Will there be any OST album released for this movie as you did for Kadhal Konden .
Selvaraghavan says next month

sanjaybasali asks Is it particular that you know to read and write a particular language if you have to direct a movie ?
Selvaraghavan says ofcourse.

malliki asks hi,how r u?how u feel response from people?
Selvaraghavan says i am so happy that everybody liked my work

vijey_ganesh2004 asks i think u have confused the story without reasons just like heroin falls in love with hero suddenly unbelievable
Selvaraghavan says it is all how you see it.i dont see it that way.

vasa0001 asks In KK, you discussed about a young man's quest for unselfish, lust-less love (Muthukumar's lyrics: Kadhal illai, idhu kamam illai, indha uravukku ulagathil peyarillai ) No other director has made a movie about that emotion.You are a genius!
Selvaraghavan says thanks.i am not.

sonymontana asks i have seen madurey : director madesh has misuse the talent of sonia. you know her very well so you can extract the best from her just like ram gopal varma did with urmila matondkar. one more film with her , please sir
Selvaraghavan says definitely

shanmuharajan asks Do u think Yuvan is good in RR like his dad?
Selvaraghavan says he is the best

thangaseth asks you were into bad times before t. ilamai now you reached great heights was revenge one of your motivators
Selvaraghavan says not revenge.i just wanted to become a director and nothing would come easy in life.

arvind9386 asks how is that u get a down 2 earth storyline?
Selvaraghavan says i dont know any other ideas

marunramesh asks I saw both of your previous films, it was excellent and I am expecting a lot from 7 G. My question is: what do U think abt Dhanush and Soniya as Actors when compared to other young actors in the industry as U chose them. ANy thing special ??
Selvaraghavan says they can give their life for a film.i think that makes them so special

sureshmechnit asks Who is your favourite director and why ?
Selvaraghavan says my favourite is francis ford cappola and roman polanski.just see their films you will understand

new_jean asks what is the name of the flim that u join with thala (Ajith)
Selvaraghavan says kasimedu

saravanasekar asks Why didnt the movie release on the specified show
Selvaraghavan says sorry..sorry..sorry

arvind9386 asks ur 7g was touching i came out crying ithink thats ur victory
Selvaraghavan says i think the same

rkarthik_fuzzy asks when u do a hindi film make sure that u give that as a big hit..who scores music for hindi version????hope it is yuvan
Selvaraghavan says it is ofcourse yuvan.i will try my level best there

new_jean asks dear selva what is the root of the stoory of ajith's film
Selvaraghavan says it is about gangsters

new_jean asks dear selva what is the root of the stoory of ajith's film
Selvaraghavan says it is about gangsters

mail3vanji asks What about a movie with Vikram?
Selvaraghavan says i dont mind

sonymontana asks what do you think of quentin tarantino? which indian/foreign do like to watch?
Selvaraghavan says he is the master of his craft.i loved kill bill.

krishd asks I think Danush became famous because of your direction.Your comments please!
Selvaraghavan says i think the same

sanjaybasali asks The climax of Kaadal Kondein is very similar to a English movie called GooD Son , was it a copy ?
Selvaraghavan says no.and i did not see good son when i was making kk.anyway sorry

dayanna asks i liked kadal kodein...story. it is fentastic
Selvaraghavan says thanks

vanithaelango asks i want to join as a comedy actress on your film what s your idea
Selvaraghavan says welcome

sainag1 asks when u will make a film with vijay
Selvaraghavan says dont know

sonymontana asks who do want to direct?
Selvaraghavan says amithabh

vasa0001 asks We see a different Dhanush, a different Sonia and a different Yuvan whenever you are the director. How do you extract brilliant performances from every actor and technician better than any other director can?
Selvaraghavan says i am happy you put it that way.but i am just doing my job

nagaseeni asks hai mr.selva this naga from dubai, why u not taking any scene in UAE.
Selvaraghavan says if my film happens in uae i will take

sainag1 asks hi selva u r one of my favourite director..please do a film with vijay who i like so much
Selvaraghavan says definitely

dayanna asks Ur movies r very near to life. it is good to see. i m yet see rainbow...
Selvaraghavan says see it and tell is almost life

sureshmechnit asks Though some of the scenes are steamy, the way you concieved and crafted the song January matham and dialogues of sonia following it makes it poetic and realistic. Did we miss any well concieved scenes like this becoz of censor cuts?
Selvaraghavan says i did not have a single cut in the film.

siva_js asks Is your next project is with ur brother,Sonia and Namita? What is the movie name?
Selvaraghavan says oru naal oru kanavu

sainag1 asks how do u rate 7G with kk
Selvaraghavan says 7g is my best effort i beleive

sathya_g asks Hi Selva anna Can I have ur House Address and Phone number and E-mail Id. Plzzzzzzzz
Selvaraghavan says

sanjaybasali asks What would you have been if you were not a Director ?
Selvaraghavan says i will sit at home.donno anything else

sonymontana asks why do you always wear sun glasses?
Selvaraghavan says i wear it because my left eye is an artificial one

psmith21 asks hi, i saw your interview in JJ tv yesterday night. was quite impressed with your clarity of focus
Selvaraghavan says thanks

thangaseth asks how good a manager should a director be you think talent is a product which can be managed by using MBA's in movie production
Selvaraghavan says making is solely on instincts

Selvaraghavan says all directors are extremely good actors.but they dont have to come infront of the camera

sureshmechnit asks What your dream project would be ?
Selvaraghavan says my next film oru naal oru kanavu.

thangaseth asks i am in wellington sir and my email is if you come to NZ you have to come to our house plz
Selvaraghavan says i will .thanks for inviting

sureshmechnit asks Can you make a movie without songs? What is ur opinion on importance of songs in the movie ?
Selvaraghavan says i dont like to have songs in a film.but we dont have a choice.producers insist.

saravansekar asks Selva your preety good y dont you try acting too?
Selvaraghavan says will try

sonymontana asks you're one of the best thing that happened to this industry. i want you to make some godfather or scarface type of film. Is that your genre of film making or what is your kind of film?
Selvaraghavan says kasimedu is like that.i dont want to make same kind of films.

thangaseth asks why do u think lots of people want to be directors even without proper screenplay skills
Selvaraghavan says i dont know.but i believe only a good screenplay writer can become a director

rt0306 asks Well Done Mr.S.R., You did it again !! What's your next venture ? When are you going to join with Mastro Ilayaraja ?? Do you feel there would generation gap working with him ?
Selvaraghavan says i would love to.but i beleive there would be a generation gap

leomani005 asks good evening what do you think about dhanush's sullan? what went wrong in that film?
Selvaraghavan says i cant comment on other films

sureshmechnit asks Which is your all time favorite tamil movie?
Selvaraghavan says salangai oli

psmith21 asks saw the reply about Polanski - have u seen his Chinatown starring jack Nicholson . Wisy you are someone else will make a complcated script like that in Tamil. Shud be good right?
Selvaraghavan says i saw is impossible to make it here.we dont likescripts like that

thangaseth asks in KK the scene when he expresses that the love is beyond lust is the highlight you think you could have made it more exceptional so that it stood out from all the others
Selvaraghavan says i will try in the future

gokulbabu asks Dear selva, ihav nt seen ur movie 7g till nov but i can feel the stuff by the bgm hats of to yuvan and ur maturing day by day even in ur speeches after the release of kk and 7g ur speech was really matured technically did ur home work well keep the kool g
Selvaraghavan says thanks

felixjagan asks why your film only based on youth subject?
Selvaraghavan says because i am only 27.

Selvaraghavan says to see it running

thangaseth asks if you had a chance now to change just one scene from KK what would that be you have to change one
Selvaraghavan says i will change the second half of the film

leomani005 asks when will you do films with super star?
Selvaraghavan says i dont see it anywhere in my life

sonymontana asks thank you very much for your answers. good luck for your next film and enjoy your 7g RC success...if you come to france, mail me
Selvaraghavan says will do that.thanks a lot

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