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Last Updated: Mon, Jun 20th, 2005, 17:54:00hrs
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For Shankar, cinema is a packaged fantasy with a message. He has lived up to the expectations with Anniyan, a yarn spun beautifully to entice the moviegoers to part with their hard-earned money, for three hours of pure entertainment.

Here is the complete transcript of the chat with Shankar.

vijucoolguy143 asks hi sir!i saw anniyan on the 1st day & i was very much impresed by the movie.Vikram's acting was excellent espeally in those seens when he changes from anniyan to ambi confusing prakashraj.the film was really good.the song make us boredom not all but some.

Shankar says thanks a lot...

scorpi4u asks why do prakash raj and vivek come in disguise always when they are on frame
Shankar says they are better off in civil dress, because they have worn police uniforms, and the natural tendency of a person committing a crime, is to run away. and prakash raj, has worn the uniform, many times.. i did not want the cliche..

royaldreamer asks hi shankar,anniyan & ambi roles are fine.Why u palnned to have a remo charecter?
Shankar says ambi is a meek character. in him, there is a character which is debonair, and which needs to come out.

gunaselva asks Hello Sir, Congrats!. Anniyan is really superup!. It's giving good message. I saw the movie, now I am changing my attitude sir. Thanks Sir!.
Shankar says thank you very much...

Shankar says he was having too many international committments, that was the reason.

raamesh_india asks Good Evening Shankar Ji, Fantastic Movie, Proved it again that you are different from others. Highlights: 1. Good fight scene (on bar with Hollywood stuff) 2. Nice songs 3. Good comedy timing 4. Punch Messages for our Indian people I wish u al

Shankar says thanks a lot...

scorpi4u asks please improve the songs and thankssssssssssssssss for giving us good characters of vikram in anniyan,ramanujam & remo. I am trying my best to promote this film in my college ,ti's songs & ringtones.
Shankar says thanks.. and go ahead.. and do it. and try to follow what i had try to convey..and promote the attitude too..

gunaselva asks How do you feel after anniyan release?
Shankar says i thought the message will reach a little later, but iam surprised it has reached much earlier..

scorpi4u asks seeing anniyan i changed my habit of spitting in the road and i am doing my duty cleanly.thank you sir for making me my money worth and giving the people of india such an extraordinary film.
Shankar says i never expected the message to come across so soon. thanks to people like you, who have made it possible..

mail2gopes asks Hi Shankar.. I am a die hard fan of you...What is your next project ???
Shankar says Holiday..!!! after taking a break, i will think of my next project.

kamala_m asks hi, why did anniyan take such a long tome to release?
Shankar says there were many changes in vikram's get up including the hairstyle.. and ambi had a paunch.. remo had long hair.. and it all takes time.. according to me it should have taken more time, due to smart planning, it is released soon.

krishnalikeyou asks hai shankar, what made you to choose sada as heroine?May be due to telugu audience?
Shankar says for the homely iyyengar look.

starsayeed asks your idea of work is great....... but this time you have made a movie for vikram....... take kamal hassan and start ROBO...
Shankar says once the script is ready, and according to the character and the demand of the script the hero will be decided.

bala17582 asks What made you choose Vikram as your hero for anniyan ?
Shankar says after i decided on the script, the first face that came across was Vikram.

jaivikram asks how long did it take for you to finish the complete script of anniyan?
Shankar says for the script i have taken five months.. i improvise while shooting too.

bala17582 asks Is anniyan released in any other language other than Tamil?
Shankar says telugu..

royaldreamer asks hi shankar,excellent comedy by vivek.the mesage which shown at nehru indoor statdium was excellent .
Shankar says thanks..

raamesh_india asks what will be your next movie subject line / basis ??.
Shankar says only after holidays..

bala17582 asks Anniyan is the Costliest Tamil Movie ever made.Wat made you go for big buget.
Shankar says i dont make movies just for the sake of making a big budget movie. if the script demands such a budget, it is so...

sivacalls1 asks HI Shankar, I m a grt fan of u...Saw Anniyan first day..i liked the movie..Will u work with with A.R.Rahman in next movie?Dying to hear music from the biggest combo in music..
Shankar says thank you..who knows.. sometime in the future...

jaivikram asks hi shankhar,did you do digital intermeditae for anniyan
Shankar says some portions..

srinivasan_kal asks Hi Shankar, Is there any plan to do a film with superstar Rajnikanth in future?
Shankar says only time will tell...

j6face asks Ajit + Shankar will sure make huge box office, any idea for the next project for specifically Ajit?
Shankar says if the script demands ajit, he would be there...

karthik_vksk asks Can we expect another Love Movie like Kadalan from U????
Shankar says sure..

vinu_shankar asks 17-i didnt get anniyan ticket i was HAPPY 18- i didnt get ticket i was VERY VERY HAPPY 19th- i didnt get ticket im EXTRAORDINARILY HAPPY DO U KNOW WHY? MY DIRECTOR HAS PROVED HIMSELF ONCEAGAIN
Shankar says thanks a lot..

vijay_m_vm@sifymail. asks Well, helo shnkar first hats off for u... and be proud to hav u in tamilnadu.Tell me how do you think and do movies that other directors even cant expect to think.
Shankar says thanks. my thinking is simple. i try to better myself with each film..

Shankar says you are welcome.

srinivasan_kal asks What is Ur next movie?with whom?
Shankar says pls check earlier answer.

mohammed1216 asks Hello sir, I saw your movie, anniyan, Really great movie. Is there any plan to Remake Anniyan in Bollywood, Might be sharu khan will be best matched.
Shankar says i am not thrilled in making remakes. there is no creative juice in it. but, i am open..

gopisan asks At a period when low/medium budgets have done the trick, why such a big budget movie - do you expect the industry to tranisition again into high budget movies?
Shankar says it is a question of variety.. budgets dont really matter. it is a question of good and bad films..

Shankar says i want to prove myself as an INDIAN.

mdsenthil asks Hello shankar, Congrats
Shankar says thanks.

srinivasan_kal asks Do U have any dream script like Kamal's Marudhanayagam
Shankar says every film is a dream script. i have one ROBO, a science fiction script..

gopisan asks What in your opinion has worked the most for the movie? The cast, Script/screenplay, presentation or simply the direction?
Shankar says screenplay..

bala17582 asks Will sadha be a part of your next project and wat is your next project?
Shankar says my next script decides the cast..

Shankar says anytime in the future..

jagdeesh_1965 asks your next film what is the film when it will be released sir
Shankar says see earlier answer..

dinesh2020 asks hi shankar,how r u ?
Shankar says fine. how about you...

krishnalikeyou asks what is the next production from your own banner after KADHAL .did u believe that kadhal would click?
Shankar says i believed 100 %. balaji shakthivel is doing the next film.. a love story.. with a message...

tcssriram asks the climax was riveting and i am sure you got the best out of vikram when he talks to prakash raj. how was that scene when you shot it
Shankar says there is no previous example for such a scene, and we were thrilled as to how it would come out.. it all happens in a fraction of a was a big challenge.. there is a big preparation behind the went to lot of takes...

onlyumaddy asks the settings in the songs are very good and costliest.
Shankar says i am happy that you have enjoyed it.

shadow4 asks Is the movie Anniyan influenced by Sidney Sheldon's Tell me Your Dreams ?
Shankar says actually, after i finished my script, then only i came to know about the novel.. because i have done a film on MPD, people may think so.. but i dont have time to read.. after joining cinema.

dinesh2020 asks what happened to ROBOT?
Shankar says it is very much in the pipeline.. asks Hello sir, I saw Anniyan a very good movie and i enjyed every bit of it especially the climax scene btw Vikram and prakash raj. Congratulations sir
Shankar says thanks for the compliment.

kugasen asks Hi Congrats You have done a Great job with Annian.Sure to get many National awards for this movie.What is the theme you have planned for next movie?
Shankar says thanks for the compliment. the next movie will only be after a holiday..

PERIYAVAN asks Shankar sir,Movie is still not released in Dubai.We fans are really disappointed.Sir Will you direct rajini by any means in the future?
Shankar says dont worry. it is coming soon..

vijay_m_vm@sifymail. asks i think vikram deserves to be in your movie, my wish is that you should use him on coming movies also.. and tell me abt ur future project suiting to him.
Shankar says pls pray that my next script demands an actor like vikram..

asks hi shankar,the settings in the movie aparichithudu are very good and costlier.
Shankar says chala sabu cyril gari ke..

bhaskar_ravi206 asks iam bhaskar.iam from US,basically iam from andhra.first of all congrats on ur success of anniyan.
Shankar says thanks..

csssk_nellai asks Sir, saw your anniyan on 18th. Film was superb. I want you to do a movie with ajith. Do you have any script for THALA?
Shankar says thanks. pls chk earlier answer.

shrira_rehmaan asks hello shankar what happened to ur soft,gentle story which you said that once in your life time you will make it.
Shankar says it will happen only when i get tired of what iam doing now. or when the audience gets tired of what iam offering...

kannanpothi asks Shankar.. Kaadhal is really a bold attempt... i would say kadhal is your best contribution...
Shankar says thanks a lot. iam happy and proud to produce the movie..

asks hi shankar, Congratulations for ur stupendous success of anniyan...
Shankar says thanks.

mneshwar asks hai shnakar this is eshwar form hyderabad i have seen ur aparichithudu(Anniyan ) it's a great movie we met in anand regency rajahamundy u came for boys shooting
Shankar says bagunnara...

vijay_m_vm@sifymail. asks I am seeing all your movies from GM to Anniyan on the first day itself. I can say one thing the Only Indian Director who hav crossed 100 cr business in just 7 movies..Tell me r u ready for Holyywood with indian actors Ex:Vikram and kamalahasan.
Shankar says if the producer is ready , iam ready..

rmlaxman asks Hello sir, I am a big fan of yours. Anniyan is extremely good.
Shankar says thanks..

Shankar says manirathnam..

venkat_patt asks hi shankar,how r u? how is the response for Anniyan has come? are u satisfied
Shankar says response is great. and iam totally satisfied..

vijay_m_vm@sifymail. asks I think you r genius in screenplay thats sure but how u hav message and story in it .. sounds more again gr8 of u..
Shankar says i see that the entertainment content and the message is mixed well..and in equal proportions... and i also make sure that one does not overtake the other..

tcssriram asks how about doing a movie with super star rajnikanth a fantasy film with a message
Shankar says when time comes.

csssk_nellai asks Sir who is your favorite film star(tamil)?
Shankar says kamal hassan..

ooviyakannama asks Bravo, Mr. Shankar. You do really stand out as one of the best directors in India. Can we have a tid bit about your next venture??
Shankar says call me after my holiday..

asks Hi Mr.Shankar, Anniyan was great and so was Vikram. Whats ur next project?there r rumours that it may be the kamal hassan -shankar combination ? who's ur favourite actor
Shankar says thanks for the compliment.. wait for my next project..

bewithsuresh asks hello sir, I saw Anniyan. Its awesome experience. But it seems there is always a story line which seems constant in your films.
Shankar says that maybe my style of narration.

harishmayavel asks Hello Shankar, Can we expect a soft and complete entertainment like Boys again from you?
Shankar says if all of my fans demand it, i might do it..

mahenz29 asks anniyan damn good... :D i hav watched it 3 time
Shankar says thanks.thanks. thanks.

aravindanr_91 asks Movie is excellent, Vikram's acting, photography & more important direction is really good. Why did recreate Matrix stunt?. It would have been better if something else was tried out.
Shankar says the technique is from matrix. the time slice method. but, we have actually gone one step ahead, and we created a new shot..

rmlaxman asks Is there a plan to work with Rajinikanth ?
Shankar says see earlier answer.

saigan asks whts ur next film..please do a film for vijay..i am a great fan of u and vijay
Shankar says if the script demands vijay, surely vijay will be there..

tcssriram asks how did you feel after BOYS
Shankar says i have understood what i should do , and what i should not for the tamil audience.

artistic981 asks Super Star Rajni, Indian Speiberg Shankar and Asian Mozart A R Rahman, will we see this triple combo????
Shankar says naan oru thadava answer panna nooru perukkum answer panna mathiri.. ha haaa ha!!!

devendrabn asks Hello sir, Please do one film in Kannada with Sudip or Upendra
Shankar says iam a big fan of upendra.. if time and budget permits, why not?

csuriyakumar asks Sir, heard that you are from tirunelveli district?
Shankar says no. iam from tanjore district..

santhamugam asks what do u feel about anniyan sir i am going to see it on sunday in sathyam
Shankar says i hope you will enjoy a roller coaster ride..

PERIYAVAN asks Shankar sir,Have yu written yr next script just like yu wrote Anniyan while making Boys?
Shankar says i have five scripts ready with me. i may choose one of that, or i might write a new one..

artistic981 asks I think The interview in Mudhalvan is tmail cinemas most entralling and crilliant scenes. How did you conceive such a scene?
Shankar says it is a inspiration from tim sebastian's hard talk from the bbc.. and nerrukku ner from sun tv.. and the questions from the bottom of my heart...

shreemganesh asks U proved kollywood is better than bollywood in all sense.Can we say kollywood is the best in india?
Shankar says no doubt, in kollywood we have the best technicians.. it is a cycle.. at times,and when good films are produced, bollywood leads, and same is the case with kollywood.

mahenz29 asks visual effect in anniyan simply mindblowing..i repeating watch the movie because of this..and i like the climax scene with prakash raj..vikram vikram for ur next project sir.. :D
Shankar says thanks for the compliment.

harishmayavel asks What were the main issues you faced being the producer for Kaathal and directore for Anniyan at the same time?
Shankar says after hearing the script, i had a confidence in kaathal, and i gave a free hand to the director.. asks sir i would suggest you do robot with someone like amir khan or shahrukh khan as they have a huge worldwide market
Shankar says if i decide my next film as robot, then everything would fall into place..

tamilspaceboy asks Your Movie Nayak was very well appriciated by mumbai peopl'e but, y has it not done good in box office?
Shankar says it has done well in few states, but not in others.. iam not sure why.. iam happy that the whole country enjoyed the film on tv, a lot of times. my message has spread. that is enough..and iam happy..

ooviyakannama asks Would Anniyan be released to Hindi masses?
Shankar says anniyan is running in nine screens in mumbai.... to 100% capacity

tcssriram asks if india becomes like the way you think then no student will go abroad for study and work all guys will come to india
Shankar says thanks .. for the compliment..

vishusrinivasan asks Hi shankar sir u r the greatest, i knew anniyan would be as promised but its more than our expectation, congrats. Whats ur next project.
Shankar says iam happy that the film met your expectation..

swadeshap asks what is thespirit behind your success in your movies?
Shankar says honesty and passion for my work..

impressive_18s asks hi sir i like ur charcter than movies.
Shankar says i hope you have seen a little bit of me in my movies..

lavanya_kv asks Share ur experience on the film mudhalvan
Shankar says i was little worried that it might look like a bit of a documentary but iam keen in telling that message.. as a result i have seen many collectors who have gone to the spot and have taken action on the spot. after this, the police dept has kept complaint boxes in stations..i am happy to do a useful movie.

rajaramg asks Vanakkam Mr.Shankar, this is Rajaram from Bangalore. Your Anniyan is a very good film, congrats for delivering a good movie.
Shankar says thanks.

impressive_18s asks i fell tat first half could be done better than this. but overall itz a classic movies. all the scenes hav a sense of richness. i like tat much
Shankar says because of the first half, the second half is working a lot. first half is the foundation for the second half. the film begins with very simple and small incidents. so you might hve felt like that. but when you see the second half, you will realise that "the small things" is the theme of the movie.

rajs80 asks shankar sir i watched anniyan at fameadlabs in mumbai its housefull awesome movie
Shankar says shukriya..

senthil1712 asks Sir,I am from UAE. When the film has to be released in UAE
Shankar says it will be released soon...

srini7405 asks Hi Shankar, Congratulations. Anniyan is very good. The picturisation of the songs was extraordinary.
Shankar says thanks.

sainath_c asks ur film has social messages, but does a film change peoples attitude?
Shankar says go through the transcript. and see how a film , anniyan has changed lives already...

coolkarthik24 asks hello sir,, congrats for u on the success of anniyan! one serious movie followed by a light one.. this has been ur practice till date.. will ur next movie be a lighter one?
Shankar says i dont follow any strict method. it just happens so...

deepban asks Do you think that we should make films which can compete or compare with the world cinema(French,Japan, Italian).
Shankar says kadhal is no way lesser than world cinema. and one more film is in the pipeline. it is being produced by me. S pictures. asks sir you have shown that lazyness is also a very big crime.i liked this message of yours
Shankar says you have hit it right on the head of the nail. iam happy.

premwins asks dear shankar....I am a tamilan but i watched movie in telugu..even though I cant understand the language but ur picturization and vikram acting I enjoyed every single minute of the film......u have done a wonderfull film...congrats
Shankar says language is no barrier. cinema is a visual medium.. and thanks for the compliment.

tcssriram asks after giving these messages and when you still see people doing the same thing, what will be your reactions
Shankar says i have a strong belief in our people, and that during the course of time, they will definetely change. I am extremely moved by the feedback, that i got through this chat.. i will be happy if the message in anniyan reaches out to the public, and it makes a difference in the lives of the people.

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