'Conan- the Barbarian' to return to Marvel universe

Last Updated: Sat, Jun 16, 2018 15:05 hrs

[U.S.A.], June 16 (ANI): Marvel is all set to reprint the 1970's Conan-the Barbarian comics.

'Conan the Barbarian- the Original Marvel years' is the first project set for the release after the company gets its license for the character in January 2019, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

The volume 1 of Conan The Barbarian: The Original Marvel Years will feature the first 26 issues of Marvel's original Conan the Barbarian series along with contemporary material featuring the character, including material from 'Savage Tales' Nos. 1 and 4, and the fourth issue of horror anthology title 'Chamber of Darkness.'

In an exclusive interview with 'Comic Shenanigans', the former Marvel editor Ralph Macchio stated that he will be working as a consulting editor on Marvel's Conan projects, with three separate series of new material planned from the publisher. (ANI)