Crazy Kutumba

Crazy Kutumba


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 12 February 2010

Movie Title

Crazy Kutumba


B Ram Murthy

Star Cast

: Ramesh Aravind, Ananth Nag, Sana

Trust Ramesh to come up with a comedy entertainer and he tops the expectations. Continuing the trend of family entertainers laced with pure comedy, Ramesh has come up with yet another film that is a laugh riot.

Crazy Kutumba (Crazy Family) is about a family consisting of members who are crazy about anything and everything. Shankargouda Patil?s (Ramesh Aravind) daughter Gowri (Dhanya) earns a chance to take part in a reality show in Bangalore.

They set out from Belgaum (North Karnataka city) to Bangalore in a rickety autorickshaw. They are accompanied by two musicians who are crazy in every respect. What transpires during the journey makes up Crazy Kutumba.

There are several interesting characters. Shankargouda Patil is the inventor (unsuccessful in his attempts); his father Mallanagouda Patil (Ananth Nag) is an alcoholic; his brother Bhima (Harish) is obsessed with fitness; his brother-in-law (Rajinikanth) is a kleptomaniac.

Only Shankargouda?s wife (Sana) is sensible as she keeps the family united. There are several funny incidents during the Belgaum-Bangalore journey. North Karnataka accent of Kannada is the highlight of the movie. Ramesh?s fans from South Karnataka might find it difficult to understand the accent, but there is sufficient comedy element in the dialogue.

There are several films that have been made on similar lines, but Crazy Kutumba is the latest in Kannada. It is a remake of the hit Marathi film De Dhakka.

Ramesh?s previous film Mooru Guttu, Ondu Sullu with comedian Komal, was a comical entertainer. He continues from where he left. He stands out in terms of performance. Ananth Nag is a treat to watch. The other artistes have done justice to the film?s script.

Music director Rickey Kej, who is Ramesh?s personal favourite, has done a neat job. Most of the tracks are popular Kannada poems. He has blended them properly into the movie. Crazy Kutumba is a family entertainer devoid of any unnecessary deviations.

Verdict: Entertaining

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