Crazy Star

Crazy Star

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 17 February 2014

Movie Title

Crazy Star



Star Cast

V Ravichandran, Priyanka, Akul Balaji, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash, Bhavana, Prakash Rai

Crazy Star is not your regular story; neither is it one of those Sandalwood Dream boy`s usual love story made lavishly.

There is love, there are emotions, there are thrilling sequences and there is sentimental drama as well. Ravichandran has yet again proved that age is not a considering factor for talent.

At the age of 50, the evergreen hero of Sandalwood has managed to direct, compose music, produce and act in the same film. Though inspired by a Malayalam movie, Crazy Star has changed certain situations that suit the nativity and engulfs the audience.

Crazy Star involves a lot of nuclear stories and links the lives of various characters in the film with one single incident which is mind-blowing. Ravichandran who plays the super star in the movie has a subtle married life and shares quite a distanced relationship with his daughter who has a weak heart, literally.

How the characters like a police constable, a doctor, a film star, a college student and a journalist get caught in the traffic and the further consequences leading to a twist in the story forms the story. Though the movie is more like an autobiography of the Crazy Star himself for the reason that the few real life incidents of Ravichandran`s lifetime have been portrayed the movie manages to carry the message that nothing should be taken for granted in life.

Ravichandran who plays the superstar in the movie is again appreciated for what he is, i.e., uniqueness. He captivates the interest of the audience in every single visual and is definitely a treat to watch.

More than acting it seems like the Showman of Sandalwood has interacted with his fans. Priyanka Upendra in the role of a loyal wife to the superstar and a mother is convincing and carries the role in a diligent manner. Supporting characters like Naveen Krishna, Akul Balaji, Vikarma Ravichandran, Prakash Rai, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash, Bhavana have all got their chance to showcase their talent and have justified the roles.

Songs though are not convincing as it was expected to be, two of the six songs are unique with their lyrics and tunes which are composed by the all rounder Ravichandran. The movie which is more like a tribute to Ravichandran`s fans fails to pull the non-fan crowd to an extent, though it is a family entertainer.

Verdict: Above average

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