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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 09 May 2009

Movie Title



Swathi Bhaskar

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Mukesh, Kalabhavan Mani, Meera Nandan

You've to admit this, director Swathi Bhaskar's Currency has a nice concept and has a fresh storyline as well. But for the viewer, what matters is the transformation of that idea on to the screen. That is exactly where the film loses its grip.

Keshu or Keshav Menon (Jayasurya) is a school dropout and a good-for-nothing sort. He is an introvert by nature, works in a photostat shop for living and stays with his mother in modest surroundings. One fine day, he makes a counterfeit note and it leads him to a shady antique shop owner, Danny Sayippu (Mukesh). At the insistence of Danny, he starts making more fake currency and soon, his life goes from bad to worse.

Rose (Meera Nandan), a salesgirl who was in love in with Keshu, soon realizes that everything is not happening well in his life. And he by now was gunning for more and with the help of a local don called Iruttu or darkness (Kalabhavan Mani), Keshu and Danny plan to go for the kill.

Currency unleashes a tone of grey and that itself is worth appreciation as such away-from-the-beaten-formula occurrences are by now a rarity in Malayalam! But sadly, the director has not been quite successful in making use of that premise, especially with a weak script that is often clich?d and amateurish to the core.

The situations and dialogues are often contrived and the performances never help to make things better. The visuals are nice in parts and so is the music.

Jayasurya should blame himself for a wasted opportunity to prove himself as a credible actor. He just finds it tough to carry off the dark shade convincingly and his diction and mannerisms look silly.

Mukesh as Danny has done a decent job, though the script offers him limited possibilities. Kalabhavan Mani is supposed to be the leader of some slums, but he sports a ridiculous wig, leather jacket, gloves and looks funny, at best! But soon, we realize that the man means business. Meera Nandan has nothing much to do and even in those scenes, she has just hammed it up.

It's surprising that Malayalam filmmakers still haven't got over the fetish for voluptuous sirens in minimal clothing, gaudy colours and guns, while presenting the baddies. Well, the world has moved over but we are still comfortable with the kind of storytelling techniques that was prevalent ages back. Want some proof? Watch Currency then, of course, at your own risk!

Verdict: Below Average

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