Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 27 April 2015

Movie Title



S Narayan

Star Cast

Vijay, Pankaj, Neha Patil, Rangayana Raghu

The film Daksha, is already in the ‘good books’ as it has been added to the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ for being the first film to be canned in one-shot. But is the movie worth watching?! Well read on and find out! The 140-minute film, shoot overnight has many things to offer. Comedy, sentiment and ultimately tons of stunts performed by Duniya Vijay.

A naxal gang hijacks the house of a judge (Suchendra Prasad), who is supposed to read out a judgement regarding the leader of a naxal gang, the next morning. The judge is threatened and will be forced to rewrite the judgement so that their naxal leader will be freed from Jail.
Tiger Commando Daksha (Vijay) enters the scene (house)! The entire movie is shot in house, in a single take and cameraman (Renukumar) has literally walked behind the actors to capture each and every moment. The movie deals with how brilliantly Vijay enters the house hijacked by the naxals, fights with them and rescues the judge and his family.

Bullet Prakash, who enters the house as a thief, entertains the audience; his one-liners are brilliant and tickle the funny bones of the audience. His presence will not be noted by any member of the house, but still he manages to entertain the audience; that is the speciality of Bullet Prakash’s role.

Shobhraj excels as thr Naxal leader and has given good performance; Rangayana Raghu enters the scene in the second half of the film, and is a comic relief in the second half. 
However, in the climax, Vijay shoots the naxals in front of the judge, stating that the ‘Judicial system’ takes ages to punish them, is ‘judicially unacceptable’!
S Narayan and Vijay have buried their hatchets and have come together for Daksha; and have managed to entertain the audience!

Movie is a one-time watch and a must watch for those who love Duniya Vijay’s stunts.

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