Damaal Dumeel

Damaal Dumeel



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 18 April 2014

Movie Title

Damaal Dumeel



Star Cast

Vaibhav, Remya, Kota, Sayaji

Debutant director Shree has come out with a thriller comedy that seldom loses its grip. Credible performances from its leads and a nail-biting screenplay makes it an engaging trip. It moves at rapid pace and in a way reminds you of Hollywood black comedies, with the underdog hero having shades of grey.

As the protagonist, Vaibhav has pulled it off successfully as his character changes due to circumstances and greed, but at heart is a soft guy. The whole film revolves around his character and his comic antics make you laugh.

Moneykandan (Vaibhav) is an IT guy who spells his name as 'Money" (numerology) and like his name money is an important driving force in his life, as he dreams of getting his sister married and make his mother happy. He has a loving girlfriend Meera (Ramya Nambeesan) and life seems to be one big party for him. However his life takes a U ?turn when he is given the pink slip as the company is on cost cutting!

Suddenly, Money is unemployed; a box arrives on his doorstep containing Rs 5 Crores. It is ?dirty money? which comes to him by mistake and is part of settlement between two bad guys Ilavarasu (Kota Srinivas Rao) and Kamatchi Sundaram (Sayaji Shinde)! Moneykandan wants to run away with the money and start a new life in another country, but he finds that he has caught a tiger by the tail!

The film works due to its pace with a running time of 1 hour and 58 minutes, some smart writing and good music and BGM by SS Thaman. There are only 3 and half songs which are well woven into the plot, with Usha Uthup title song being the pick of the lot. The director has been able to pack in humour in tense situation and making it entertaining for the viewers.

Vaibhav as Moneykandan is riveting, while the villains Kota and Sayaji have to just growl but characters who play their henchmen are hilarious. Ramya Nambeesan has just a walk in role but crucial for the climax, which is sort of compromised.

On the whole, Damaal Dumeel is an enjoyable and racy fun ride.Director Shree had made a confident debut with a film that is both respectable and engaging

Verdict ? Racy & Enjoyable

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