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Monday 03 February 2014

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Yogish, Muktha Avinash, Adi Lokesh, Mari Muthu, Uday, Gautham, Shashi, Moham Mamballi

When Yogesh made his Sandalwood debut with Duniya, little did he realize that it would be a start he would never be allowed to forget. Six years on, just two months ago, when Ambara was released, Yogish got a mixed response for his movie and was an average hit at the box office.

When Darling was launched, it had created huge expectations, as the team of super hit Alemaari had come together for this movie. This had raised the expectations of the viewers. Though the movie does not stand up to the created hype, it is a good entertainer with comedy imbibed in the story.

Sathya (Yogish) is a tattoo artist by profession and is famous among his clientele. Muktha who is a college student likes the tattoos and plans to get inked by Sathya. It is kind of love at first sight for our hero. Its understood that he falls in love with her.

Unfortunately for our hero, his lady love turns out to be the sister of a don played by Ninasam Ashwath. Like any other brother, the don does not like his sister loving a common-man like a tattoo artist and asks his goons to take on the hero, who in turn seeks help from a rival don.

Luck foils for Sathya, as the rival don himself falls in love with the same girl. Now the dons come together to get rid of the hero and how he outwits them and what follows next forms the story.

The story has an enjoyable mix of comedy, love, fights, chases and all other elements one would like to see in a film, but it does not give a feeling of a great film. Director Santhu has taken a casual and a local love story and has moulded it to suit the viewer`s choice. The story and narration are just at right place and a good plot compliments the movie.

Loose Maada alias Yogish has done his best compared to his previous movie with a decent performance mixed with comedy track. Muktha is clearly the glam doll on screen though she is not seen in every scene of the film. Neenasam Ashwath, Adi Lokesh, Mari Mutthu and many others have justified their role. Arjun Janya`s tunes glue instantly and are devised beautifully as well.

Peppy numbers like `Dabba` song and `Naanu swalpa` loose are our picks from the movie.

Verdict: Worth a watch if you?re free

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