'Darling-2' Review: Watchable

'Darling-2' Review: Watchable



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 02 April 2016

Movie Title

'Darling-2' Review: Watchable


Sathish Chandrasekaran

Star Cast

Kalaiarasan, Kaali Venkat, Maha, Hari, Arjunan, Rameez Raja

Horror comedies are the flavour of the season and both filmmakers and distributors consider it to be a safe bet. But unless the content has something new to offer, it is difficult to get the scare and scream in theatres. In Darling-2, the narrative borrows generously from clichés and the film end up as a tedious watch.

Arvind(Kalaiarasan), Krishna (Rameez Raja), Rafi (Kaali Venkat), Balaji (Hari) and Shankar (Arjunan) are on a trip to Valparai just before the latter's wedding.

As all the five friends are staying at Arvind's estate, they start experiencing paranormal activities. At one point of time, they find that Arvind is possessed by their friend Ram, who committed suicide because his parents objected his decision to marry a girl called Ayesha (Maya).

What happened to Ram? Why did he haunt Arvind? Watch the film on big screen to know

In Darling, if the ghost got into the body of the heroine, here the hero is the one who is posessed. However, unlike the first part, the comedy in Darling 2 falls flat. The film largely relies on thrill factors and top notch visuals by Vijay Kartik Kannan.

More than Kalaiarasan, the film works mainly because of the comic trio-Hari, Arjunan and Kaali Venkat as their expressions on experiencing paranormal activities. Though the first half moves at a snail pace, too many subplots and flashback sequences affect the flow in the second half. 

On the whole, Darling 2  tries hard at reviving the age old haunted-house premise and bring something new to the platter. 

Verdict : Watchable

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