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Saturday 24 April 2010

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Prabhas, Kajal, Shradhdha Das, Mukesh Rishi, Prabhu

Karunakaran, who debuted into Tollywood with Pawan Kalyan?s Tholiprema proved himself as a successful director of romantic films. After a long hiatus, he re-entered with Ullasanga Utsahanga, which became blockbuster. It prompted the Prabhas to enter the ring of romance in the combination of Karunakaran. With a ravishing beauty like Kajal, Karunakaran enlivened the expectations of the audiences.

Set in the backdrop of a college, the students take leave of their classmates while departing the campus after a moving farewell. Several among them maintain friendly relationship with their darlings. After 30 years, Prabha (Prabhas) in his early 20, is shown as the son of one of the alumni of the college, while Nandini (Kajal) is the daughter of another old student (Ahuti Prasad).

A beauty (Shraddadas) falls in love with Prabha and forces him to reciprocate his love for her, which the hero opposes tooth and nail. The hapless girl approaches her dad (Mukhesh Rishi), a dreaded goon. He threatens Prabha to accede to her daughter?s love which otherwise his life would be in danger. In order to escape from the wrath of his tormentors, Prabha tells them that he has already been in love with Nandini and that their marriage might take place at any point of time.

The day comes in when all the old students plan to join together along with their families. It is a happy reunion for them in a beautiful village. Will Prabha and Nandini really know each other? Whether they reunite or just unite? These hazy questions form the rest of the entertainment.

Prabhas looked very handsome and his performance is can be termed as the major highlight of the film.

Kajal who stunned the audiences with her arresting beauty in Maghadeera is here to mesmerize the audience with the same magic. Shraddadas has her oomph in the film, much to the relief of the audiences, though her role has limited pace.

Mukesh Rishi as a villain is adequate. Other characters played by Chandra Mohan, Auhuti Prasad, Prabhu, MS Narayana are within the format of Karunakaran?s typical romantic drama. While Sivannarayana brought the laughter in the theatres, the role of Kota is merely wasted.

The story is clich?d and lacked novelty. Several films in the past had come in the genre with the backdrop of old students and their off springs falling in love later.

Major asset of the film is Prabhas characterization and his energetic performance. Music by GV Prakash Kumar is above average. Stunts are superb thanks to the concerted efforts of Peter Haynes. Comedy is not that great in the film, but the audience will not miss the element from the start to finish.

Karunakaran?s direction has its pleasantness, and at the same time the screenplay lacked the power to give any bonanza to the romantic-hearted audiences. Dialogues are ok. Cinematography deserved kudos. In spite of the slow first half, convulsive second half, Darling has a neat climax without bothering anyone.

Verdict: Average

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