Darwinte Parinamam

Darwinte Parinamam is a torture



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 19 March 2016

Movie Title

Darwinte Parinamam


Jijo Antony

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Chemban Vinod Jose, Chandni Sreedharan

In director Jijo Antony’s Darwinte Parinamam, we are told pretty early that a local gangster named ‘Gorilla’ Darwin (Chemban Vinod Jose) is the hero. And the villain is a handsome youth Anil Anto (Prithviraj), who has come to Kochi from Kottarakkara with his pregnant wife, Amala (Chandni Sreedharan).

Even before we figure out what is happening, we are reminded that it’s not Pokkiri. The don, who has only four comedians in his gang, is a much dreaded smuggler. There are scenes suggesting the story is going in the lines of Jigarthanda, and then Soodhu Kavvum. But nothing happens.

Meanwhile Anil and Amala starts their life in a modest house. Not to forget, Gorilla is also smitten by the ample charms of a teacher. Some songs ensue in bright colours. Still nothing much happens and the story moves ahead in a snail’s pace, even as we are made to believe by all the build ups that something spectacular is in store.

After testing our patience to the maximum, the hero and the villain comes face to face. But what follows are silly scenes that lacks any imagination or logic. And all we wait for is the film to end.

With a pathetic script, director Jijo Antony packages a mess that seems like a never ending saga at close to two hours and thirty minutes. 

Prithviraj, who has been churning up hits one after the other, repeats his signature style and sleepwalks through the role. The usually terrific Chemban Vinod Jose doesn’t seem to have a clue about where the story is heading to, after a while. Chandni Sreesharan has nothing much to do. 

There are some comic scenes that makes you cringe and in the process even likeable actors like Soubin Shahir and Balu ends up as bores.

Darwinte Parinamam gives you the feeling that something great is in store but this one is seriously flawed. Watch it if you want, but strictly at your own risk please!

Darwinte Parinamam reviewVerdict: Torture

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