Demonte Colony

Demonte Colony



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 22 May 2015

Movie Title

Demonte Colony


Ajay Gnanamuthu

Star Cast

Arulnithi, RJ Ramesh Thilak, MS Baskar

Horror movies are the current flavour of the season in K-town but most of them are filled with loud background score, crass comedy, glamour, poor CG works and absolutely zero logic, which irritate the audiences. 

Debutant director Ajay Gnanamuthu's Demonte Colony  does sincere attempt to scare us and seriously it is one of the well written, superbly executed horror thrillers in recent times that keep us engaged throughout its crisp running time of 116 minutes.

Srini (Arulnithi Tamilarasu), Vimal (RJ Ramesh), Raghavan and Sajid are good friends who are residing at a housing board colony at Pattinapakkam. Just like any other horror movie, here too all the four protagonists are intentionally checking out the well known abandoned bungalow in the city-Demonte Colony.

Soon we are enlightened about the history of Demonte, a wealthy Portuguese businessman who invites all the goldsmiths in the country to make a royal chain to his wife. But his wife becomes mentally ill and retarded and when Demonte realizes that someone in the mansion has made her pregnant, he goes on a killing spree. There is an eerie history that whoever visits the bungalow is murdered in a mysterious fashion.

During their visit, Raghavan gets the royal gold chain from the bungalow and now all the four friends get murdered one by one as their small housing board apartment is haunted by the dead Demonte himself. What happens next? Watch out in big screen

Arulinithi Tamilarasu has once again done a good job with his subtle act and the rest of the three protagonists too have done adequate performances, the guy who acted as Sajid is an interesting find. MS Baskar who comes in a brief role steals the show and the foreigner who played the Demonte is perfect for the role of depressed businessman.

Director Ajay Gnanamuthu takes his own time to establish all the four protagonists and their backdrop which tests our patience but once all of them enter into the haunted bungalow, the pace gets accelerated; especially the second of the movie is completely arresting and warrants our complete attention.

Cinematographer Aravinnd Singh has done a phenomenal job as he conveys all the thrill moments through his lighting and angles. The aerial shot showcasing the housing board colony and the vivid lighting used in the single room of the protagonists' house are absolutely brilliant. Debut music composer Kebra Jeremiah's background score is another major strength of the movie, his pulsating score elevates the film to a different level.

It is very much evident that Ajay comes from Murugadoss' school as he has perfectly done his research work to make an intelligent and intriguing horror thriller. Another appreciable thing about Ajay is that he has not compromised by adding love angle, songs or even a female lead.

To conclude, Demonte Colony is a must watch for audiences who want to see a quality horror film in this summer.

Verdict: Engaging

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