Devadas Music Review: Lacklustre album

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Last Updated: Mon, Sep 24th, 2018, 18:41:02hrs
Devadas Music Review: Lacklustre album
The songs of Nani and Nagarjuna starrer film Devadas is out.

Let's take a look at the album...

Vaaru Veeru
Vaaru Veeru is a fun number which has a jazz feel to it. The rhythm is upbeat and the tune has been kept English. Anjana Soumya's singing makes this song special as her singing brings a cheer factor to the song. Mani Sharma is in his elements as his hook-up line in the song has been placed perfectly and gives the song a much-needed uplift. This song will be a visual treat as the entire star cast will be featured in it.

Chettu Kinda Doctor
For this song, Mani Sharma chooses the unique voice of Padmalatha and makes this song different from others. At first, the song sounds a bit weird but after you listen to it a few more times, the fun factor will get to you. Lyrics by Ram Jogayya Sastry are funny and yet make sense. The song has been kept massy and is composed to showcase the sad state of Nani in the film. A mad number which will be more fun to watch on screen.

There is nothing special about this song as it yet another Ganesh song which has been made keeping the festival set up in mind. What Mani Sharma does is that he makes the beats peppy so that the festive atmosphere is intact. This song is set to come at a crucial part in the film and will be a celebration of colors and happiness.

Hey Babu
There are some songs in the album which you look to overlook and fast forward them to go to the next number. Hey Babu is such number where there is nothing to rave about. Mani Sharma's tune is not at all energetic as the song has a lot of trumpet beats which do not impress you much. A forgettable song this is.

Emo Emo
Sid Sriram is the hot favorite these days and Mani Sharma has given him the best song in the album. Emo Emo is a soothing romantic lullaby which has its own charm and freshness to it. Sid Sriram does full justice to the song which grows on in its own sweet way. The best part of the song is the poetic lyrics by the legendary Seetarama Sastry which are quite meaningful.

Manasedo Vethukuthu Undi
Sad songs with a lot of pathos is a must these days. Mani Sharma too in his own style composes this number which has an amazing chorus touch to it. The guitar work is just amazing but the tune is simple and nothing great. Yasin Nazir's singing has good pain and that is the only better part of the song. A more of visual number this is.

Bottom Line
Whenever Mani Sharma's songs used to come out, most of the songs in the album turned out to be good hits. But times have changed as he has given an album which is just about okay. There are no chartbusters in the album but the songs are not bad too. They are effective to the part that the audience will like them only until they go with the flow of the film. Once they come out of the theaters, these songs are forgettable and have no repeat value.