Devaru Kotta Thangi

Devaru Kotta Thangi


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 16 November 2009

Movie Title

Devaru Kotta Thangi


Om Saiprakash

Star Cast

Shivarajakumar, Meera Jasmine, Monica, Avinash, Hema Chaudhary

This emotional drama about siblings directed by veteran Om Saiprakash is aimed at the rural audience. The commercial elements and sentiments are in over dose and if the film needs urgent trimming. The graphic update is very well synchronized in the film, where the lead actors have scored.

Shivu (Shiva Rajkumar) and Lakshmi (Meera Jasmine) are orphaned siblings. The devoted elder brother works as a servant in the richest family in the village. The poverty stricken siblings are surprised when luck would turn to their side. The youngest son of the rich family marries Lakshmi. It is only the elders accept this move but the rest of the family oppose this relationship and come up with one crude methods to humiliate Shivu and do away with Lakshmi. Shivu is in love with a village belle Gowri (Monica) and the twists occur in the post interval. Lakshmi succumbs to superstitions and rather in an irrational way she decides to jump to the river as a pregnant woman. The climax is similar to tearjerkers of 60?s films like Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu.

What is very interesting is the way in which Saiprakash interspersed the sentiment, comedy, action and culture and tradition based songs. Shivarajakumar proves once again that he is too good in emotions. At places he reminds his icon father Dr.Rajakumar. Meera Jasmine has given a composed performance and Monica is chilled out in her debut film. Avinash, Ramesh Bhat, Hema Chaudhary, Rekha, Sangeetha rendered good support. Sadhu Kokila and Laksmidevi comedy is age old.

Hamsalekha known for melody and meaningful songs has given three lovely numbers and the title track is of high standard. The Ugadi song mixed with Kannada significance is well sung by Dr. SPB. R Giri cinematography is brilliant. The graphics in the starting and ending of the film tense up the moment on the screen.

Verdict ? Average

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