Devi-2 review: Big Bore

Prabhu Deva and Tamanna's Devi 2 has nothing new to offer

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Movie Title

Devi-2 review: Big Bore



Star Cast

Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah, Kovai Sarala

It's time for director Vijay to slow down a bit, take some time to write good scripts and come back. It takes special kind of skill to make a sequel to Devi which itself was a mediocre film. This potpourri of  puerile humor,  underwhelming action scenes,  hammy performances and garish songs joins the long list of the director's recent wishy-washy films.

How many more times will actors help stupid films get made?

Though the ghost Ruby has left  the naive Devi (Tamannaah), her husband Krishna (Prabhu Deva) feels insecure whether his wife would get into the danger zone again. So he asks for transfer and moves to Mauritius. The couple also has a two year old daughter but they leave her with their grandparents in India. In Mauritius, Krishna gets possessed by two ghosts Alex and Ranga Reddy (friends of Ruby!!)

What's the unfulfilled wish of these two ghosts? How they are going to achieve their dreams through Krishna? 

Vijay's filmmaking style is very generic and  there is not even a single high point in the entire film. The transformation scenes of Prabhu Deva are lazily written that even kids will not laugh at some of the silly jokes mouthed by Kovai Sarala. Vijay tries to use the multiple ghosts angle from the Kanchana series but unlike Lawrence's performance, Prabhu Deva struggles to showcase his versatility and the ghost episode are big letdown. 

Tamannaah as a doting wife who goes through hard time trying to save her husband who is possessed by two spirits has come up with an embarrassing performance and her comedy scenes with Kovai Sarala falls flat. The other two heroines Nandita Swetha and Dimple have nothing to do. Ayananka Bose's cinematography is very average, music by Sam CS is unimpressive and the editing is strictly average.

To conclude, it’s hard to say what is more embarrassing in Devi 2, a poorly made horror comedy from director Vijay who has completely lost his form.

Devi-2 review: Big Bore

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