Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Movie Title



Rockline Venkatesh

Star Cast

Vijay, Pragna, Ravi Kale, Ashis Vidyarthi, Om Prakash Rao, Shobaraj, PN Sathya,

A remake of Tamil film Thalai Nagaram, this mass, action masala is good in bits and pieces. Sadhu Kokila has just copied the original and there is not a single scene which is innovative. Plenty of films in this genre with weak substance have come and gone.

Lingadevaru alias Devru (Vijay) is the leader of his group who does all the dirty jobs for Rami Reddy (Ravi Kale) and his brothers Bandi Reddy and Nagi Reddy. When loyalty is at stake, Devru take on Rami Reddy and a spate of revenge killings ensues. But the killing of Rami Reddy brother Bandi Reddy doles out very bad. In retaliation, Rami Reddy gang kills Nanda the trusted friend of Devru.

It is at this stage a cop Venkatesh (Rockline Venkatesh) gives Devru and his group a chance to lead a reformed life. That is not an easy life for Devu and his remaining friends. Rami Reddy take a series of revenge putting Devru behind the bars. How in a tonsured get up, Devru settle the score and fall to the bullets of the police is remaining gory portions of this cinema.

The editing for this film is hopeless and gory scenes disturbing. Vijay as ruffian once again has given his best. He is good in action scenes. Pragna has no scene to prove her acting talent. She is just like a dancing doll in two songs. Ravi Kale has added some grit required for the movie. Rockline Venkatesh as a cop is the best part of this film.

Director Sadhu Kokila also a music director and comedy actor falls below average in his three responsibilities. None of the songs are worth hearing again. JG Krishna does a good job with the camera.

Verdict ? Below average

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