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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 5 September 2008

Movie Title



G Siva

Star Cast

Sangeetha, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Girish Karnad, Prem

After playing a ganja seller in Pithamagan, a woman who is lusting after her brother-in-law in Uyir, Sangeetha is now a commercial sex worker in her new avataar in Dhanam.

The trouble with G. Shiva directed nearly three hour film is that it drags and towards the climax it becomes a weepy, as the director becomes preachy and wants to thrust down his audience's throat.

The script is moth-balled, and looks more like a steamy tear-jerker of the 60's. The characterization is stereotyped, and the issue being tackled is prostitution and superstition.

Dhanam (Sangeetha) is a beautiful prostitute operating out of Charminar area in Hyderabad. She is a do-gooder and helps people around her who have a lot of respect and regard for her.

Ananthakrishnan (TV actor Prem), coming from a conservative and rich Brahmin family (Girish Karnad as the head of the family), from Kumbakonam who comes to study in Hyderabad falls in love with her at first sight.

Soon Ananthu proposes to her and she says that she will marry him if his family accepts her knowing her past. He takes the challenge and takes her home, where hell breaks out.

Suddenly the family astrologer Vedagiri (Kota Sreenivasa Rao) seeing Dhanam says that she will bring prosperity to the family. Immediately they accept her though the cunning astrologer is lusting after her!

After the birth of her daughter tragedy strikes, as the astrologer plays dirty, leading to an unbelievable and contrived climax.

Basically the film belongs to Sangeetha. She is the only bright spot in the film, though in the climax she tends to overact. A great actor like Girish Karnad is wasted while Kota as the lecherous astrologer is great. Prem has hardly any role, the comedy track of Karnas and others is irritating. The music of Ilayaraja is the saving grace of the film.

Shiva is bold to take such a subject, but his handling, slow pace and too many songs makes Dhanam excruciatingly laboured. Sangeetha does her best but the film is dark and depressing.

Verdict: Average

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