Dhanoa?s Jaal fails to impress

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Critic's Rating: 18/5

Friday 18 July 2003

Movie Title

Jaal-The Trap


Guddu Dhanoa

Star Cast

Sunny Deol, Reema Sen, Tabu

Guddu Dhanoa's Jaal-The Trap is a film about a young man trapped in a conspiracy and how he fights a battle to prove his innocence and mend things.

Ajay (Sunny Deol) stays with his father Amrish Kaul (Amrish Puri), mother (Farida Jalal) and his sister in Shimla. Amrish Kaul is the security in-charge of Anita (Reema Sen), daughter of home minister Bhagwat Chowdhary. Kaul saves the life of Anita once and then leaves for Shimla for his daughter?s wedding.

Ajay, meanwhile, encounters Neha, (Tabu) a schoolteacher who is a widow. He falls in love with her and intends to marry her. After some initial denial, her father-in-law agrees for the marriage. However, destiny strikes and a terrorist group kidnaps Neha and they want Anita in return.

Ajay is left with no choice and so he sets himself to kidnap Anita and is also successful in his attempt. However, to his surprise there is a different side of a story and that comes as a major shock for him. He not only faces the wrath of his family and Anita, but also the entire government and the county. What happens hereafter forms the crux of the story.

Two-in-one - the film can best decsribed thus. The first half is a romantic film, while the second half is more of a Sunny Deol kind of flick - an action thriller. The first half is very slow and there are many unnecessary sequences. Also, there are so many songs that hamper the narrative of the film. It is more lighthearted and slow and the pace does not pick up till the interval point where Tabu is kidnapped.

The second half is full of action and has been brilliantly shot. Some sequences like the boat chasing one, the pre-climax where Sunny wages a war against an entire group of terrorists and the climax are treat to watch. The shots of cars banging into each other and the helicopter sequences have been put into effect to make the action grand.

But the first half is so slow and boring that the audiences lose interest even in the otherwise gripping second half. The sequences like Anupam Kher coming to make a deal with the cops and the scenes where Sunny learns that everything is a major conspiracy are excellently scripted.

But the film fails in the dialogue department. Patriotism has been avoided in spite of the demand of the subject. Tabu?s character makes a drastic change in the second half, but she has hardly any other scenes to make more impact.

Sunny Deol is as usual dependable and does his part well. Tabu is brilliant and there are some scenes which only she could have done. Reema Sen is good and impressive. Amrish Puri is pretty impressive. Shahbaz Khan is good in a cameo. Anupam Kher leaves his mark. Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukesh Rishi and Farida Jalal lend able support.

Guddu Dhanoa proves successful in making a film of this genre. The film does have an impressive second half but in totality the film fails to impress. At the box-office, the film will do well at B and C class centers.

Kunal Shah

India Syndicate

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