Dhanush-Exclusive interview

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 14, 2011 03:56 hrs

Rarely does one come across an actor who sports a low profile even when he is in the superstar league.

A decade back, when Dhanush made his foray into films, nobody thought that he would carve a niche so successfully with power packed performances in films like Athu Oru Nilakalam, Pudupettai and Pollathavan. He has indeed become the hottest star around and also an actor to reckon with in showbiz.  

For this Pongal, Dhanush's most ambitious film Aadukalam is releasing worldwide. He shares the experience of getting into the skin of Karuppu the character he plays and more

What makes Aadukalam special?
(smiles) It is a very special film, close to my heart. After having done 16 films till now, I can confidently say that no script has demanded so much from me. It is undoubtedly one of my finest performances so far and I gave three years of life for the film. You will not see Dhanush the star, but a normal guy you see among hundreds of people in Madurai.

Tell us about Karuppu the character you play?
It is KP Karuppu. It is a well-written character. He is innocent, loyal to his mentor, loving and adorable to people around him but no one can mess around with him. After Kokki Kumar in Puthupettai, now KP Karuppu is another character who will have a connect with the audiences.
Was it difficult to get into the skin of Karuppu?
Yes it was. It took me few days to get into the skin of Karuppu, the way he talks, walks, ties his lungi, and his mannerisms were all new to me.  I went for a complete change, sporting beard, oily hair, and a darker skin tone.  Please note that till date I have not got over the hangover of being Karuppu and guess it will take me some more time for that.

What did you discover about Vetrimaran while filming the film?
Vetrimaran's real calibre will come across with Aadukalam. He is definitely going to be Kollywood’s pride and one of the top directors. He has extracted top-class performances from each and every artist who has worked in the film like Jayabalan, Murugadoss, Narayanan, Kishore and hundreds of people from Madurai who all are raw and real.
Tell us something about Taapsee?
She is talented and a quick learner. She is lucky to get a performance-oriented film as her debut film.  And she has done  a convoincing job as an Anglo-Indian girl Irene.
How do you deal with competition from your contemporaries? And has your elusive nature got you into trouble?
I have always been like this right from the beginning of my career. I believe that it is empty vessels that make the most noise. I am not here to compete with others. My two aims in life is to entertain the audiences and see that my producers stand to gain from my projects. I do my work quietly and after work it is family time for me. 

In your hectic schedules, what is your stress buster?
 My kids Yatra and Linga means a world to me. Even in the most difficult times, when I see Linga smiling, I forget everything. My wife Aishwarya has been my biggest pillar of support and happiness.