Dheera Rana Vikrama

Dheera Rana Vikrama



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 11 April 2015

Movie Title

Dheera Rana Vikrama


Pawan Wadeyar

Star Cast

Puneeth Rajkumar, Adah Sharma, Anjali

With Dheera Rana Vikrama, Sandalwood has finally opened the doors for mid-night and early morning releases! The movie, which released in 200 plus theatres, saw a very rare mid-night release, with fans thronging the theatres in the mid night to watch the film!

Puneeth is seen in dual roles in the film; and he is donning dual roles after almost a decade. Puneeth is seen romancing two sizzling beauties-Adah Sharma, who is making her Kannada debut and Anjali, who is making a comeback after seven long years.

The film opens to a scene in the pre independence era, where Vikrama is seen swording off a British official. Cut to present where a journalist doing an investigative reporting at a place named Vikrama Teertha (which is not heard about in Karnataka at all), about the unknown history and apparently also about the mining. The journalist who writes a letter to Home Minister (Girish Karnad) before going in for investigating gets raped and murdered during her research.

The letter reaches the Home Minister a few days later and he comes to know that the journalist has been missing since then which in turn incites him to know more about the place. He now wants a rough and tough but a honest officer to take up this case though under cover; entry Vikram (Puneeth Rajkumar)- an aspiring rather a wannabe police officer, who has passed all the qualifications and yet not appointed as he is not ready to bribe the officials. His girl friend (Adah Sharma) supports him but still she is always insecure about losing him. 

Vikram who meets the Home Minister manages to impress him and sensing a good opportunity the minister sends him to Vikrama Teertha, where he involves himself in a tussle with the local MLA who is into illegal mining. In a few turn of events it is known that the head of the mining is based in London and is involved in this from generations unknown to the outer world. Meanwhile Vikram is narrated a story in a flashback about his grandfather. What is the connection between Vikram and Vikramatheertha? Will Vikram succeed in stopping the mining? All these are answered in the climax which is worth watching onscreen.

The movie isn't a typical Pawan Wadeyar or Puneeth Rajkumar film! The duo has tried to give something different to the fans and have succeeded in the same! Pawan has proved his mettle in an action flick; his earlier film genres included rom-com and a full-length comic film! 

Puneeth is brilliant in action genre and he excels in all the scenes! Adah has a good future in Sandalwood; though she does not have much screen space, she manages to set the screen on fore with songs.

HariKrishna's music, Vaidhy's Cinematography and Ravi Verma's actions are the best things to watch out for in the film. Though the story line is on the weaker side, these elements package the movie into a typical mass entertainer! 

Verdict: Good  

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