Dhillukku Dhuddhu review- Time pass

Dhillukku Dhuddhu review- Time pass



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 08 July 2016

Movie Title

Dhillukku Dhuddhu review- Time pass



Star Cast

Santhanam, Saurabh Shukla, Shanaya, Karunas, Anand Raj, Rajendran

Santhanam s third film as hero-Dhilluku Dhuddu falls under horror-comedy genre, the current safe bet in Tamil cinema. The first half is packaged to show the audiences that Santhanam can dance, fight, sing duets and look smart. But what works in favour of Dhilluku Dhuddhu is the second half, where reel vs real ghosts play havoc and brings the house down.

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A palace in Sivankonda Malai is haunted by ghosts- a lady and her seven years old son who were brutally killed by a Tibetan king (!) In order to drive away the ghost, Buddhist saints arrive at the haunted house on top of a hill and arrest the spirits in a box. But unfortunately, the chief saint becomes unconscious and hence, disciples leave the box in the palace and begin traditional medication for their guru.

Meanwhile, Kajal (Shanaya) is in search of Kumar her childhood friend (Santhanam). After few unnecessary drama and unbelievable twists, Kajal finds that Kumar is her boyfriend and the duo conveniently falls in love. But Kajal’s rich dad (Saurabh Shukla) does not like his daughter getting married to a local guy and seeks the help of henchman Mani (‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran).

As per Mani’s plan, Kajal’s dad suggests that a haunted house in Sivankonda Malai as the wedding venue so that Kumar’s death would be believed as a ghost attack. From here, the reel vs real ghost play begins…To be honest, the first half of Dhilluku Dhuddu falls flat with weak romantic portions and a plodding screenplay. But post intermission, the film turns out to be a complete laugh riot.

Especially, the way Santhanam handles the fake ghost drama of Rajendran’s gang and later, how the entire family horror-struck on seeing the real ghost brings the roof down. Debut director Rambhala, who is known for the Lollu Sabha spoof, has used all his strength in the second half and it has worked out quite well.

Performance wise, Santhanam as usual shines with his counter dialogues and needless to say, all his one liners evoke good laughter. However his attempts in tough dance steps looks artificial and it appears as if he is in front of reality show judges. Newcomer Shanaya sleeps walk throughout the movie and fails with her lip-sync.

But the rest of the actors including ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran, Saurabh Shukla, TM Karthik, Karunas and Anand Raj carry the movie on their shoulders that their comic performance works big time in the second half.

Technically, the CG work is commendable, Deepak Kumar Pathy’s cinematography is top notch and gives the grandeur feel to the film while Karthik Raja’s background score aptly supports the movie’s flow. Thaman’s songs are good but act as speed breakers.

To conclude, although Dhillukku Dhuddhu has a weak first half but the hilarious second half compensate all the flaws!

Verdict: Time pass entertainer

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