Dhruv Vikram opens up on the criticisms he faced for 'Arjun Reddy' remake

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 02, 2019 09:09 hrs

While interacting with students in Coimbatore, Dhruv Vikram opened up about the criticisms he faced for the trailer of his dropped film 'Varma' directed by Bala. "People criticized my beard look and it was very shocking but everyone has the right to express their views. I had to work a lot to gain back my confidence", said Dhruv.

It's well known that the makers of 'Varma' (remake of Arjun Reddy) dropped the film as they were unhappy with the output delivered by director Bala. They completely reshot the film with Gireesaya who worked as an associate director in Arjun Reddy and they also retitled the film as 'Adithya Varma'

"Everyday my dad was with me during the shoot of Adithya Varma. I don't know whether I could match my dad's standards. But you will see a shade of my dad in my performance in Adithya Varma. He guided me throughout", said Dhruv.