Dhund - The Fog

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 22 February 2003

Movie Title

Dhund - The Fog


Shyam Ramsay

Star Cast

Amar Upadhyay, Aditi Gowitrikar

Sukrit Pictures? Dhund - The Fog is a suspense drama. Four friends get involved in a murder in self-defence but rather than confessing before the police, they go about dumping the body at several places. Sending shivers down their spine, the corpse disappears one day. And then, to their horror, the dead man reappears. He begins murdering people close to the protagonists. The suspense unspools.

The film actually has two tracks, and the connection is too foggy. The relation between the initial murder and the serial bloodbath let loose by the dead man is weak. Both the tracks look like two different stories. The reluctance of the friends to take the police into confidence after the murder, has not been justified. Consequently, the entire drama looks contrived right from the start.

The sister of the murdered man is shown as being so unconcerned about her caring brother that she barely makes attempts to trace him once he goes missing. The final revelation is so tame that it thoroughly spoils an already weak show. A couple of scenes, however, inspires a chill. Excepting those, there?s not much in the film to keep up interest. Films of this genre should have a good dose of sex but that too is lacking in the film.

Amar Upadhyay does a fair job in his debut. But, he could do well to speak his dialogue a tad slower. Aditi Gowitrikar looks a bit old for the role. She does an average job. Apoorva Agnihotri impresses with a fairly appealing performance. Divya Palat is no better than Aditi. Irfan Khan is natural and leaves a mark.. Mukesh Tiwari, Shweta Menon, Tom Alter, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Surendra Pal and the rest lend ordinary support.

Shyam Ramsay?s direction is average. He has not been able to make the suspense chilling enough to keep the audience hooked. Viju Shah?s music is the highlight of the film. Aas paa?, Allah Allah, Mehki mehk and Meri jaan o meri jaa are very well-tuned songs. Action scenes are ordinary. Camerawork and other technical values are so-so.

On the whole, Dhund - The Fog is a very weak drama that could hopefully cash in on the lack of releases during the World Cup.

Komal Nahta

India Syndicate

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