Dil Hi Dil Mein

Dil Hi Dil Mein

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 17 April 2003

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Dil Hi Dil Mein



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ARE you lonely? Need a friendly soul to chat with, possibly fall in lovewith? Surf the net, meet nubile nineteen year olds, don`t give your realname, fake it big time. Going by Dil Hi Dil Mein the internet is thebest thing to have happened since blind dates. Surf for other reasons? Areyou out of your mind, even the professor of the college surfs to get girls!

Kunal is a poor boy from Allahabad who leaves his poverty-stricken familybehind to pursue his dream of doing a course in business management. Notable to compete with the money and political power of the other applicantshe is desolate and resting on one of the public benches when Nazer, who runsthe college he had applied for, spots him. Nazer remembers his poorchildhood and decides to help the boy by getting him admission.

Once in college we get to see the students there who all appear prettyweird. One looks old enough to be close to retirement, another boy wearsburkhas and they are all desperate to meet girls via the internet.They egg Kunal on.

When he does decide to log on, he bumps into Sonali (who is also Nazer`sdaughter though Kunal does not know that) and is overwhelmed by herphotograph. She is impressed by the fact that he wrote back despite hersaying she is 45 years old so they promptly fall in love. At this point theyforget the internet and decide to write proper letter on paper to eachother.

Each loses the other`s letter, assume that the other does not love thefirst, the father fixes up her marriage to some body else and soon all aremiserable.

For a film that purports to be so modern it is remarkably hackneyed inits execution and progression. The whole film is a flashback and evenincludes portions the person relating the story couldn`t possibly know. Whatis worse there is a flashback within one too. It`s all very confusing andvery unwatchable.

Originally made in Tamil, one wonders why it was dubbed in Hindi.Performances are so sad it is despairing. Kunal has no screen presence atall. Sonali looks quite good, but acting wise is quite ordinary. Anupam Kherand Johny Lever are loud and the latter is unbearable.

The only relief comes from the songs, which are good and shot at lovelylocations in Australia and the United States.

This film just goes on to prove that picking up an idea from a foreignfilm, as this was from You`ve Got Mail, is not enough till theexecution is done properly.

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