Dil Kya Kare

Dil Kya Kare

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 17 April 2003

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Dil Kya Kare


Prakash Jha

Star Cast

`Dil Kya Kare` is the saga of three people fighting against fate. Ajay Devgan (Kishore) is an architect married to Mahima Choudhary and they have a five-year-old daughter Neha (Akshita Garud). Somu (Chandrachud Singh), a rich poet, is their family friend and life is one happy dream for this family.

Real trouble begins and the peace of the family is shattered when Mahima discovers that some mysterious `aunty` has been visiting Neha at home and school and giving her gifts without Mahima`s knowledge. She is disturbed by theseincidents and things come to a head when the mysterious `aunt` is caught red-handed and questioned. This is the scene where Kajol makes her appearance and has been handly extremely well.

A series of flashbacks reveals Kajol to be Neha`s biological mother, which leaves the Kishore family shattered.The first half of the film is well paced but the second half is a drag and the pace slackens. By then you are totally fed up and just want the whole story to get over.

There`s been a lot of free publicity for the Railways in the film.Editing has not been upto the expected mark and the director could have handled the outdoor locales with more care.

On the performance front, there`s nothing much to write home about. Ajay has done a decent job. But is clearly a ladies show, for both Mahima and Kajol have excelled in their roles. The music is mediocre with the title song, `Dil Kya kare,` being the only saving grace. This film is worth a dekho only for the reason that it is Ajay and Kajol`s first film together after marriage.

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