Dil Raju's bride, a 30-year-old woman

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Thu, Feb 13th, 2020, 13:00:42hrs
Dil Raju's bride, a 30-year-old woman

A lot has been written about the remarriage of famous producer Dil Raju. It is not a rumor. There is a truth in it, sources close to the producer informs us. Now, speculations are rife about the woman who will tie the knot with this leading producer who is in his mid-fifties.

We have come to know that he’s getting married to an unmarried 30-year-old woman. Dil Raju’s wife passed away two years ago and his daughter got married and settled in life. Now, his family wanted him to have a partner and their suggestion he’s marrying this unmarried woman. The girl is said to be a family friend. She is in no way connected with the film industry.

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Since this is a second marriage for him, producer Dil Raju wants it to be a completely private affair. It will be a simple ceremony. The wedding will take place later this month.

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