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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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Sunny Deol

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EVER wondered what happens when two brothers fall in love with the samegirl? Yup, Dillagi happens. Although the theme of the movie has beendone to death from the days of the Raj Kapoor-Vyjantimala Mala and RajinderKumar-starrer-Sangam to the present day, the difference is thetreatment of the subject.

Dillagi is a story about a family which emigrates from thelush-green land of Punjab to the city of dreams - Mumbai. The family opens adhaba which grows into a chain of hotels. While the elder son Sunnyrealises his responsibilities, Bobby is the spoilt brat. Everything ishunky-dory between the brothers till the time a girl walks into their livesand things turn a little ugly. A lot of expected melodrama occurs and one ofthe brothers gets the girl. Which one, well for that you`ve got to watch themovie and find out.

This is Sunny Deol`s debut film as director and well, for starters it`slike a dish if not a gourmet`s delight, surely a filling meal. The directionis good but the pace of the film seems to slacken at times. The screenplaycould have been tighter. As far as acting is concerned, Sunny is a naturalwhen it comes to portraying family values just like his earlier performancein Border. His attempt at puppy love and humour is also quiteheart-warming. The light-hearted bantering between the real-life brothers isfun to watch.

After a spate of flops this film is a breather for younger brother Bobby.He has enacted the part of the spoilt brat to the hilt and given aconvincing performance. Zohra Sehgal as the granny is vivacious. Urmila tooisn`t bad in her role as the ladylove of both the brothers.

Sunny has used a combination of music directors for Dillagiincluding Jatin-Lalit and Sukhvinder Singh amongst others. The music of thefilm is good in patches. Is it a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth,maybe?

The treatment of the film gets a little overdone sometimes, especiallythe bit of Punjabiness in it. But on the whole the film is definitely worthwatching if you like typical North-Indian, Punjabi to be precise,family-dramas.

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