Dishkiyaoon review: Yet another formula gangster flick

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 28 March 2014

Movie Title



Sanamjit Singh Talwar

Star Cast

Sunny Deol, Harman Baweja, Ayesha Khanna, Prashant Narayanan, Aditya Pancholi

The film's name makes sense. There are plenty of guns in the film you see, and 'dishkiyaoon' is Bollywood for the sound of a bullet. More importantly, the title is relevant in context of the film's protagonist? a gangster? who ironically does not use guns and thinks the mind to be the most potent weapon. That?s till?he shoots his first bullet.

We listen to this character?s story in dimly lit room. Viki (Harman Baweja) narrates his story to another character (Sunny Deol), and we move into a flashback.

The flashback's intent is to tell us how he turned from shy boy to standing up to the school bully. The newfound confidence was the result of an unlikely mentor -- a small-time gangster called Tony (Prashant Narayanan) who eventually becomes a father-figure.

Viki (who has tattooed his name, one alphabet for one finger) aims to sit on the top chair of the underworld. For that, he makes a convoluted plan drawing diagrams on Tony?s bedroom walls.

The story moves into more flashbacks as Viki keeps narrating his story while punching, exercising and also playing snakes and ladders with Deol?s character. Deol?s character is a Haryanavi, so starts most of his dialogue with "Humaare Haryana mein...". Viki?s story has the typical underworld formula of two warring gangs and internal conflicts within the groups. The cops too make an appearance.

Meanwhile, after eyeing his best friend?s "item? (Bollywood for girlfriend), he falls for a musician (Ayesha Khanna). On confessing that he?s a gangster, she?s immediately drawn to him. "Our stories are similar,? she says, recounting her own tale that has no resemblance to his.

She keeps getting upset that he?s still a gangster and he keeps saying, "But I told you so.? Match made in heaven.

One is quite happy to switch over from this tiresome romantic angle to the chases and fights that are only a tad more bearable.

The second half is about a new business the underworld gets into which is called Toxic Plant. Our hero?s brainwave, the business means making money out of depositing a foreign land?s toxic waste on home soil. Such a likeable character, really!

The convoluted second half makes sure the viewer is completely disconnected, with the finale twist being the only interesting aspect.

Technically, the film is unimpressive. For style, you have gimmicky scenes like the murder in a moodily- lit, rain- soaked night.

You have a background score that just won?t let you take the film seriously. The songs are the only respite.

The film rests on one protagonist and that is played by Harman Baweja. While he?s not entirely wooden, Baweja is still a hesitant performer. Sunny Deol, of the thundering dialogues, is way too sober (pun unintended). It is then left to the talented supporting cast ? Prashant Narayanan, Anand Tiwari and Sumit Nijhawan among others? to salvage the film.

Debut writer-director Sanamjit Talwar gives us an underworld film when the viewer has tired of this genre. The least one expected was a new perspective. As a character in the films says ??It is poetic?. Sadly the film is not. Avoid.

Rating: One and a half stars

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