By: Rinku Gupta

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 August 2011

Movie Title



Sriram Padmanabhan

Star Cast

Sanjay, Nakshatra, Sangeetha Bhat, Jagan, Jeeva, Rajesh, Urvashi

It is a refreshing love story, set against a city backdrop, highlighting the day to day problems and tiffs that modern day lovers undergo, which could change their lives.

The film is an attempt at a clean entertainer by director Sriram and is to be commended in that aspect. Setting a reasonable pace, with no room for melodrama, emotional excess or over acting anywhere, the director succeeds in keeping you guessing the outcome till the end.

Vasanth ( Sanjay), who works in a marriage registrar?s office, falls for school mate Swapna (Nakshatra) who rejects his love at that time since she is more focused on making it big in life. Later, they meet one day, and find that their love is still intact. But the sailing is not smooth.

Swapna has fixed views of her own and rejects Vasanth?s gifts if she doesn?t like them. She is unconventional and tells his mother openly that she can?t cook nor do pujas or stand for traditions. All these points drive a barrier between them as the quarrels pile up, despite both their efforts to find a solution.

The duo break up and even though Vasanth meets another girl, Anu (Sangeetha Bhat), who is more suitable to his way of life and is a good friend, the duo are not able to reach the marriage stage due to differences.

It is when both Swapna and Vasanth are missing each other but still reject each other?s attempt at pacification, that the friends step in and bring some balance in their perspectives. The duo realize that they have to adjust to each other and the value of true love, which overcomes pettiness at every level. Do they unite or is it too late forms the climax.

What works for the story is the refreshing way the love angle and the tiffs have been handled. The women are shown as very forthright in their thinking and the way they express what they want in life. No sacrificing weeping willows in this tale! At the same time, the viewpoint of the boys is also shown engagingly, especially via the comic interludes kept up by Jeeva and Jagan. Urvashi and Rajesh as the parents of the boy and girl respectively, do their part convincingly. Mayilsamy is an added advantage. Nakshatra, Sanjay and Sangeetha perform their roles well, which is a plus for the film.

The music is adequate for the scenes. On the downside, one could say that a few unnecessary stunt scenes have been added. Nakshatra could do with a little less make up. Though there is something off balance in the way the Vasanth and Anu relationship is handled ( are they in love or not?), the lapses can be overlooked keeping in mind the overall pace of the film and the fact that melodrama and sentiment are kept well away, despite it being a love story.

Verdict: Average

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