Doodh Sagar

Doodh Sagar



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 28 September 2014

Movie Title

Doodh Sagar


Samuel Tony

Star Cast

Akshay, Deepika Das, Ramya Barna

A group of newbies have come up with a new movie titled ?Doodh Sagar?, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. And no, the movie has no connection with the tourist spot at all! The movie reminds you of almost all the movies from ?Jab We Met? to ?Mungaru Male? to ?Chiru? to ?Ullasa Utsaha!? Well, can?t really point out whose mistake the movie is, weather the producer?s or the director?s!

The story begins from a village, travels in every possible highway and ends up nowhere (unfortunately)! Protagonist (Akshay) runs away from his village following a charge of rape and murder of his girlfriend Archana and reaches highway. Lead actress (Harini) who is already on highway is attacked by a gang on rapists or rowdies or dacoits (You can imagine them to be any of those or all of those)! Entry Akshay, saves the damsel in distress, but follows her everywhere.

The two spend hours and days together, sharing a love-hate relationship! The duos are already in love, even before the interval of the film ad sings couple of avoidable songs, but consume an hour or more to confess the same! Audience with lots of patience can ?patiently wait? till they ?officially? say ?I do?.

Meanwhile he fights his villagers, goondas and macho men who are twice of his size and no one knows why! The only secret we want to keep away from you (If you are planning to watch this movie) is why Harini left home and why Akshay is scared even if he has not committed the crime.

There is nothing new in the movie to offer for the audience. The same-old-going round the trees and hills and roads and to add on to that some falls as well!

Despite flaws, the movie has some extremely good shots, specially the one shot in Malnad, and yes that reminds one of Mungaru Male for sure! Despite all these, eye candy Ramya Barna?s item song is worth watching!

Both Akshay and Harini have given average performances, but deserve to be excused, because they have the potential to improvise their performance in future. Director Samuel Tony has nothing new to offer in his debut movie. Gautam Srivatsa?s music too is a pain to the ears, rather than pleasure. Supporting actors Tabla Nani, Ashwath Neenasam can give some break to the limping story line. Finally, the movie joins the list of ?blunder movies of 2014?.

Verdict: Below Average

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