Dorothy Hewett's daughter opens up about 'unorthodox' upbringing

Last Updated: Sun, Jun 24, 2018 21:58 hrs

[U.S.A], June 24 (ANI): The daughters of late Australian playwright Dorothy Hewett opened up about the early sexual exposure while living at their mother's home.

Rozanna and Kate Lilley talked about the unconventional upbringing, alleging that they were forced into sex at the age of 15, reported

"I had the sense that we were in sexual peril from the time I was 12. It shouldn't have happened . I think we were just sitting ducks," said Kate on the Sunday Project.

The sisters said that they were subjected to predatory behaviour and were preyed upon by writer Bob Ellis and artist Martin Sharp.

Kate also opened up about her sexual encounter with a man in his 30's while she was a teenager after which she was sexually assaulted by another and then raped by another older man.

Speaking about their present life, Kate said, "I'm scared - already in just this last week we're just in this maelstrom and one of our brothers has disowned us, particularly me, and it's frightening; the whole thing is frightening."

Dorothy Hewett was an Australian feminist poet, novelist, and playwright. (ANI)