Double Barrel

Double Barrel



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 29 August 2015

Movie Title

Double Barrel


Lijo Jose Pellissery

Star Cast

Prithiviraj, Arya, Swathi, Isha

It’s evident from the first frame that Lijo Jose Pellissery’s  Double Barrel has been made as wacky to the core. There are no rules, logic or formulaic patterns and it’s all about unabated madness. 

Pancho (Prithviraj) and Vincy (Indrajith) are two small time crooks, who attempts to play middlemen in a diamond business that amounts to several millions. The gems are called ‘Laila’ and ‘Majnu’, which is of immense value only if sold together. 

The entire plot revolves around this game where the two gems change hands and all that involves weird characters and lots of bloodshed. There are too many sub plots and gangs in this quirky drama, modeled on the genre of films like Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, besides a host of other films. 

If you are ready to accept the fun in this crazy adventure, which has been deliciously packaged, Lijo Jose Pellissery need to be appreciated for attempting something that has not been done before in Malayalam, or for that matter in other Indian languages as well. 

But then, there are more questions that come up. At close to two hours and forty minutes, this one tests the patience of viewers in a major way. Even for those who are ready to try out something new, this could be a rather strenuous experience. 

The script is messy and some of the characters are so badly written that they just come and go in between without any impact in the whole narrative. The overindulgence of the makers is evident, ignoring the hapless viewers in the process. 

Lijo, who was anointed among the best directors in the business after a superb Amen, disappoints to a great extent, with a flawed experiment. Abhinandan Ramanujam’s visuals are good and Prashanth Pillai’s music suits the film’s mood.

It’s a brilliant show by Prithviraj and Indrajith that keeps the viewer entertained, amidst all the pandemonium. The brothers come with a dedicated show and are genuinely funny. Arya, however, disappoints with a half-baked character. 

The rest of the cast has done what was needed from them. Some of them had their funny moments in between and the others had no real clues about what was happening.

Double Barrel is a no holds barred experiment but sadly, it ends up at best as a lost opportunity. Watch it only if you know what’s in store for you at the cinemas.

Verdict: Torture

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