Drama review: An entertaining movie which is not meant for the discerning viewer

The 2 hours 26 minutes duration seems quite longer than it actually is, but Drama has its moments for sure

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Drama review: An entertaining movie which is not meant for the discerning viewer



Star Cast

Mohanlal, Arundhati Nag, Asha sarath

Ranjith’s Drama is set in London, where a family is about to bury their mother, who is no more.

Rosamma John Chacko (Arundhati Nag) reached London two weeks back from her native place in Kattappana, to be with her daughter Mercy (Kaniha), who is married to Dr. Mukundanunny (Shyama Prasad).  We are shown that Rosamma passes away and the rest of the film is about how her family reacts to the incident.

The eldest son Philip (Suresh Krishna) is in the United States, next one Benny (Tini Tom) is in Sydney, Ammini (Subi Suresh) is in Canada and youngest Jomon (Niranj) is in Dubai. For all of them, except Jomon, the death of the mother is some sort of a burden and they want to somehow complete the ceremonies at the earliest to get back with their routines.

The three sons reaches London within hours and Ammini comes with her husband, Anto (Johny Antony). The family decides to entrust the funeral services duty to an agency owned by Dixon Lopez (Dileesh Pothen) and his partner Rajagopal Narayanan aka Raju (Mohanlal).

Dixon makes the family to sign an agreement to conduct the funeral services for a hefty sum. But the first issue comes when the body has to be kept inside a house till the funeral, instead of a mortuary. The agency takes a house on rent, just to keep the body. 

The next issue is something serious, the old lady wanted to be buried near her husband’s grave in their church cemetery at Kattappana. The film talks about all these aspects.

There is a credible plot here and Ranjith has packaged it in an old school pattern. Though the 2 hours 26 minutes duration seems quite longer than it actually is, this one has its moments for sure.

Mohanlal looks fit and handsome, but there is a desperate effort to present him in the style which he was seen on screen, more than a decade back. Arundhati Nag is good. Suresh Krishna and Tini Tom are good, but Niranj doesn’t make much of an impression. Kaniha and Asha Sarath have limited roles to play. Byju, Subi Suresh and Johny Antony shine in their comic roles.

Drama had scope for more and is perhaps not really meant for the discerning viewer. Though one gets the feeling that it could have been presented in a more stylish and gripping way, in the current form it’s an okay watch.

Drama review-Verdict: Entertaining 

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