Draupathi review: Fails to impress 

Draupathi is an average drama shedding light on an unknown crime in society

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Friday 28 February 2020

Movie Title

Draupathi review: Fails to impress 


Mohan G

Star Cast

Richard, Sheela

Director Mohan's Draupathi is an average film in which the director sheds light on the unfamiliar register marriage scam and how a section uses the inter-caste marriage as a tool to swindle money. 

There are enough scenes for the privileged caste members to hoot and the director also places a few below-the-belt dialogues against Dalits. As a film too, the director is confused whether to narrate the incident as a suspense thriller or action drama but in the end, he invests too much time on the courtroom scenes!

Rudhra Prabakaran (Richard) comes out of prison in bail, cops put him behind the bars for killing his own wife and sister-in-law for caste pride. But Prabakaran doesn't go to his native and comes all the way to Chennai to murder three men who caused huge damage to his family. As Prabhakaran kills an advocate, an undercover cop starts investigating the crime which reveals that a group of men conduct fake marriages and blackmail wealthy families.

Though the performances are amateurish, the first half of the film had its moments with the investigation angle and murder spree. Post intermission, scenes featuring Sheela in the village were passable with her efficient performance but all other proceedings followed that tests our patience, especially the long drawn out courtroom scenes in the climax.

The problem with Draupathi is that the message is relevant but filmmaking grammar has been taken for granted and the actors are too artificial. Even the writing is blunt with no scope for intelligence.

Overall, Draupathi is an average drama shedding light on an unknown crime in society.

Draupath review: Fails to impress



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