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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 21 June 2014

Movie Title



P Vasu

Star Cast

Ravichandran, Navya Nair, Achyuta Kumar, Swaroopini, Sadhu Kokila, Dharma Keerthiraj

It is not easy to convince the audience with a remake film. But with Drishya, P Vasu has proved that the screenplay is the key factor of any movie. A simple story narrated with great visuals as the title of the movie suggests!

Drishya is sure to give Sandalwood showman Ravichandran a new high in his career graph! Once known for his amazing songs and screenplay, Ravi?s fans were of late disappointed with most of his movies. But Drishya is sure to lure his fans back!

The movie starts with a sugar-coated happy family leading a joyous life. Rajendra Ponappa (Ravichandran) who lives in Coorg is a cable operator by profession. He lives with his wife (Navya Nair) and two kids. Though he is the sole bread earner of the family everything is fair and beautiful in his life until one day the entire family gets involved in a murder case.

The baddie in this flick is a constable, played by Achyut Kumar, who wants to take revenge against Rajendra, because his wrong-doings were exposed by him. Just when Achyut Kumar is eagerly waiting for a chance to arrest Rajendra, the family lands in a serious trouble.

Rajendra?s daughter, along with her mother, returning from a nature camp end up being stalked by a stranger. The duo tries to escape and in the verge of it, the stalker dies. The stalker happens to be the son of a top police official and hence they end up in a piquant situation!

After realising about the murder, Rajendra tries to protect the family. The constable (Achyuta Kumar) who is waiting for a chance to arrest Rajendra will leave no stone unturned and arrests him. Will Rajendra be able to come out of this? What happens to the family when they lose the protagonist? Well you have to watch this on big screen.

Nothing has gone wrong in the cast selections and everything just seems to be perfect. Achyut Kumar?s acting needs a mention and an award too! He mesmerizes audience with his amazing acting skills especially as a baddie! It?s time Ravichandran sheds his lover boy image and does more of such interesting and versatile roles. Nobody could have done the role of Rajendra as picture perfect as Ravichandran. Navya has done a commendable job and indeed Drishya is a great come-back for Navya Nair in Sandalwood. Asha Sarath and Tamil actor Prabhu are remarkable and impress the audience in no time.

Ilayaraja?s music needs neither introduction nor an opinion as they are best as always. Rest of the cast too have done a great job altogether. A commendable team effort and the movie is definitely worth a watch!

Verdict: A perfect weekend entertainer

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